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0000038Core InformModel worldpublic2010-06-15 13:002010-07-04 16:27
Jim Aikin 
(serious/mild) Game compiles but misbehaves
0000038: Bad output from examining enterable supporter
>x chair
The comfy chair is green.

On the comfy green chair .
The Lounge is a room. "Ah, the Lounge! How relaxing."

The comfy green chair is an enterable scenery supporter in the Lounge. The description is "The comfy chair is green."

The player is on the chair.

Test me with "x chair".
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related to 0000303closed graham Incomplete line is printed when examing a supporter with only undescribed objects 
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2010-06-15 15:47   
My fault, I think. It's an easy fix; I'll send a patch this evening.
2010-06-15 19:59   
A patch has been submitted.

This bug exposed an equivalent bug if the player examined a container that contained him, and this one was slightly subtler, because we did not want the message to say "In the kiosk .", obviously -- but we also don't want the message to fall through to "The kiosk is empty." when it plainly contains the player.