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0000302Core InformKinds and type checkingpublic2010-09-21 20:132010-10-28 00:30
x86Mac OS X10.6
(serious/mild) Game compiles but misbehaves
0000302: Changing printed name to an indexed text causes interpreter crash
This code causes interpreter crashes on execution. The built-in terp crashes with "Fatal error: Illegal encoding of a VARop (PC=#1fa9d); Gargoyle crashes with "Fatal error: call to non-routine."

Since it looks as if this could be related to a type-casting failure, possibly related to [^]
Stage is a room.
To rename to (Y - some indexed text):
now the printed name of location is Y.

When play begins:
rename to "X";
showme Stage.
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2010-09-22 00:39   
Confirmed for Z-code on Windows. The Glulx version doesn't crash, but the printed name still doesn't appear correctly.
2010-09-22 15:45   
Yes, the typechecking was insufficient here. It was checking sufficiently to make a test of equality safe, but not sufficiently to make an assertion of it safe. Fixed.

(It wasn't related to 0000186.)