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0000241Core InformRelationspublic2010-08-10 18:552010-10-28 00:30
x86Mac OS X10.6
(critical) Compiler crashes
0000241: Relating something to "nothing" causes a Code 10 compiler crash.
Using a phrase like "testobj requires nothing" causes a compiler crash with a "Code 10" error:

I've now read your source text, which is 38 words long.
++ 0% (Lexical analysis)
++ 5% (Semantic analysis)
I've also read Standard Rules by Graham Nelson, which is 39419 words long.
++ 15% (Drawing inferences)
++ 20% (Binding rulebooks)
++ 23% (Binding rulebooks)
++ 26% (Binding rulebooks)
++ 29% (Binding rulebooks)
++ 32% (Binding rulebooks)
++ 35% (Binding rulebooks)
++ 38% (Binding rulebooks)

Compiler finished with code 10
Stage is a room.

requirement relates various things to various things. The verb to require (he requires, they require, he required, it is required, he is requiring) implies the requirement relation.

testobj is a thing. It requires nothing.
The compiler also crashes with "one to various" and "one to one"; "various to one" still crashes, but with a different error message.
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2010-08-11 10:55   
Confirmed. A various to one relation yields this message:

An internal error has occurred: malformed property inference. The current sentence is 'It requires nothing'; the error was detected at line 576 of "Chapter 17/Properties.w".
2010-08-31 03:54   
An oversight, but easily fixed. "Nothing" is, linguistically, sometimes something, and sometimes not. There is now a proper problem message.