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(serious) Compiler rejects valid code
0002092: Unable to compile on Linux when a language other than English is used
On some Linux distributions (but not all it seems, and I haven't found why exactly), Inform won't compile a project when using another language (French or Italian for example). I know it at least happens on Unbuntu and Linux Mint.

Inform throws multiple errors similar to the following:

In Section 1 - Grammatical definitions in the extension English Language by Graham Nelson:
Problem. You wrote 'A grammatical tense is a kind of value', but that seems to say that some room or thing already created ('grammatical tense', created by 'The past historic tense is a grammatical tense') is now to become a kind. To prevent a variety of possible misunderstandings, this is not allowed: when a kind is created, the name given has to be a name not so far used. (Sometimes this happens due to confusion between names. For instance, if a room called 'Marble archway' exists, then Inform reads 'An archway is a kind of thing', Inform will read 'archway' as a reference to the existing room, not as a new name. To solve this, put the sentences the other way round.)

I think the reason is that Inform is supposed to read the English language extension before any other languages, but it’s not the case on some Linux. Therefore, Inform thinks that English Language tries to redefine things defined in Italian, instead of thinking Italian Language extends things defined in English.
A workaround and other details are explained in the following thread on [^]
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