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0002074Gnome Inform application[IDEs] Installation and Platform Issuespublic2018-09-07 11:262019-01-30 22:34
x86_64LinuxUbuntu 18.04
0002074: gnome-inform7 depends on obsolete libraries
Gnome-inform7 requires libgoocanvas3, but it depends on libgoocanvas-common, which stopped existing after xenial.

Installation works if you manually install: [^] [^]

first, but it would be nice to rebuild on Ubuntu 18.04 with a set of libraries that are installable from the distribution.
Try to install the gnome-inform7 .deb on Ubuntu 18.04.
Reported to me by Cesare Zavattari (
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duplicate of 0001997assigned pchimento Gnome IDE should use a newer webkit 
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2018-11-09 13:05   
There's no 'this affects me too' button here as I have seen in other places, however I wanted to simply add my voice to this issue: as reported, my main computer is now based on Ubuntu 18.04 and Inform 7 is no longer installable.
2018-12-26 05:02   
I hope this is informative and not counted as spam, but I'll just add that it affects me too. Also, thank you OP for the workaround.
2018-12-30 18:05   
I'm currently having trouble installing gnome-inform7 on Fedora 29 because I can't install WebKit 1; some searching suggests WebKit 1 is now considered insecure, but WebKit 2 only supports GTK3.

So getting gnome-inform7 packaged for recent versions of Fedora may necessitate bumping it up to GTK3, which is not entirely trivial.
2019-01-30 22:33   
Thanks for the report. This will be fixed as part of 0000197.

In the meantime thanks to lunasspecto, Inform is now available as a Flatpak from, and that is supported on most major Linux distributions from the last two years or so.
2019-01-30 22:34   
Sorry, I meant 0001997.