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0002070Core InformSource text and punctuationpublic2018-08-31 11:002018-08-31 11:23
(critical) Compiler reports internal error
0002070: error in source text and indentation for "repeat with" causes compiler error 11
In the code below, I made the mistake of using "repeat" with a ; at the end and not indenting. My bad. This feels like it should be caught and returned with a normal error message, but instead it gives the "This should not happen even if your source text is gibberish, so you may have uncovered a bug in the program." error and reports compiler error 11.
Explaining is an action out of world applying to one topic. Understand "explain [text]" as explaining.

Report explaining:
let L be the topic understood;
repeat with I running from 1 to the number of rows in the Table of Explanations;
choose row I in the Table of Explanations;
if there is a subject entry:
if L is the subject entry:
say "Explanation here."

Table of Explanations
subject (text)
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duplicate of 0001837confirmed  Crash on wrongly-terminated if phrase 
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