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highserioushave not tried
0002057: is not using SSL/TLS
Given that we're logging onto this site, it's pretty important that it be secured from snoopers. I recommend [^] as it's very lightweight and has essentially no dependencies.
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Confirmed, obviously.

I believe the site is on Dreamhost, so activating SSL is just a checkbox on the admin panel. (Free, now that exists.)
2019-11-12 20:01   
This can be a bit scary for people accessing the site; for example I posted "" into the intfiction forum, which automatically added "https://" [^] to it. Accessing the site via a https link will put up a big banner in most browsers telling you the site is not secure and you have to "accept the risk" to continue.
2019-11-20 04:15   
I only just saw the thread about this on Is this something I should alert Emily (and thus Graham) about?