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(serious/mild) Game compiles but misbehaves
0002013: Adjacency relation fails when using doors
The list of rooms adjacent to the location gives us "nothing" when the exit is next to a door. This can be forgiven since properly speaking the door may not count as adjacency. However, if we then ascend, X4 is reported adjacent, which it clearly isn't.
K is a kind of open unopenable door.

X is a room.
X2 is a room.
X3 is a room. The X3 is south of X2.
D is a K. D is above X and below X3.

X4 is a room. X4 is south of X3.

Every turn, say the list of rooms adjacent to the location.
Test me with "z/u/n".
My transcript:

You can see D here.

Time passes.


You can see D here.

X2 and X4

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*bangs head* Naturally, this is not a bug, I just made a terrible mistake in mapping the thing. My apologies.