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0000201Mac OS X Inform application[IDEs] Skein and Transcriptpublic2010-07-11 09:292015-05-10 17:47
x86Mac OS X10.6
0000201: Transcript sometimes has strange characters not found in source or game output
When the command prompt contains the character "→" (U+2192, [^]) , but possibly others, the IDE will sometimes insert random bytes into the transcript. These strange characters do NOT appear in the source or game output.

These appear at the end of the paragraph in which the character is found (in this case, following the prompt). Other UTF-8 characters begin behaving badly, as well; random characters appear at the end of paragraphs with trademark and copyright symbols, for example.

When the prompt is changed back to the default, these issues disappear.

Frustratingly, this is not consistently reproducible. Changing the prompt, blessing the transcript, and changing it back does not cause the problem again. As such, it may be difficult to debug and fix.
In an existing game file, try adding the following and observing the effect on the transcript:

When play begins:
change the command prompt to "→ "
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2010-07-11 09:56   
An additional note. I suspect that this issue arises when serializing the transcript data to the file system. Closing Inform and reopening it seems to cause the problem to appear. Importantly, many (but not all) transcript entries that were previously blessed correctly have the strange characters in them.
2010-07-13 19:22   
Another update. Since changing the prompt back to the default, the ONLY turn in the transcript that is corrupted on the file system is the first turn, where I print out the trademark symbol (™) and the copyright symbol (©). All the other turns remain unaffected.

*** This strongly points to the problem being with UTF-8 characters, either the process of writing to or reading from the file system. ***
2010-07-14 07:17   
Confirmed. I'm in the middle of travels right now, which is why I've been slow to update.

1. Start Inform
2. Click on ``Start a new project...''
3. Select ``Inform 7 -> New Project''
4. Click on ``Next''
5. Browse to file location
6. Click on ``Create''
7. Enter this source text:

There is a room.

When play begins:
change the command prompt to "→ ".

8. Click ``Go!''
9. Enter ``z'' into the game
10. Quit Inform
11. Start Inform
12. Click on ``Reopen last project''
13. Open on the skein pane
14. Click the play icon on the ``z'' command (to place the sequence in the transcript; the transcript contains the text ``om'' after the prompt)

Note that the Skein.skein file is correct; it is simply presented incorrectly in Inform.
2015-05-10 17:47   
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