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0001110Core InformRelationspublic2013-04-20 09:452014-05-07 07:34
x86Mac OS X10.8
(critical) Compiler crashes
0001110: Compiler crash in complex descriptions
Segfault, same location as bug 484 and bug 543.
There is a room.

Every turn:
showme whether or not a random thing unlocks a door.
0 ni 0x00089fa0 Kinds__interpret_test_equality + 128
1 ni 0x000dae12 Calculus__Relations__Equality__compile + 274
2 ni 0x000db3c8 Semantics__BPs__get_i6_schema + 584
3 ni 0x000dca87 i6_schema_of_atom + 455
4 ni 0x000dce2c Calculus__Atoms__compile + 140
5 ni 0x000dd60c Calculus__Propositions__compile_all_deferred + 1260
6 ni 0x0012bd06 Config__Template__interpret + 10326
7 ni 0x0012a966 Config__Template__interpret + 5302
8 ni 0x001314bc main + 636
9 ni 0x00002019 _start + 208
10 ni 0x00001f48 start + 40
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related to 0000543closed graham A rule that references a just-called name in a condition describing repetitions causes compiler to fail 
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2013-04-20 09:52   
Happens even if you define a door in the game, by the way.
2013-04-20 18:33   
Probably beating an already-resolved bug to death here, but:

Foo relates a thing to a door.
The verb to bar (it bars, they bar, it barred, it is barred, it is barring) implies the foo relation.
When play begins:
showme whether or not a random thing bars a door.

...that compiles. If you change the first line to "Foo relates a thing to various doors." then the crash appears. "Foo relates various things to various doors." is again okay.
2013-06-01 15:40   
Fixed. A nitwit coding error (to my relief, because this meant it wasn't something fundamental that was misconceived); state failing to be saved when deferred loops are compiled, so that if one deferred loop requires another (whether X unlocks D, and a random X, respectively) then the state would sometimes point to the wrong one. So this bug might in principle strike in quite a lot of situations, though in practice it doesn't, because the state in question is usually valid in both cases so that it doesn't matter if we have the wrong one.