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(serious) Compiler rejects valid code
0000105: Phrases applying only to specific values don't work for some KOVs
Of the two phrases in the example source, the generic one is invoked rather than the one applying to the specific value.
Home is a room.

To consider (L - a list of numbers): say "Just some list."

To consider (L - {3}): say "A specific list."

When play begins: consider {3}.
This also affects other kinds of values, or at any rate references to phrases, which is what I was originally working with.
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related to 0000368closed graham No dynamic dispatch for phrases applying to specific phrases 
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The issue is that the latter phrase is not matched at all. A reduced test case:

There is a room.
To check (L - {3}): stop.
When play begins: check {3}.

This code yields the error:

Problem. In the sentence 'check {3}' , I was expecting that '{3}' would be the specific value '{ 3 }'.
I was trying to match this phrase:

check ({ 3 } - { 3 })
This was what I found out:

{3} = a list of numbers
2010-06-30 13:59   
2010-07-05 06:40   
Okay. Lists now work, but phrase references still have the same problem. Test case:

Home is a room.

To waste time (this is wasting time): do nothing.
To disregard (P - wasting time): do nothing.

When play begins: disregard wasting time.
2010-09-21 16:52   
It would be helpful not to reopen these things with fresh test cases down in the notes - I spent a short while investigating the original test case and found, of course, that it was working fine... However, the second test case (an unrelated bug) is also now fixed, so this issue is well and truly resolved.