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<br />This release of Inform leaves the core language unchanged, except for the correction of a small number of bugs, and its main purpose is to provide an improved Index. Better maps are drawn on the World Index, and there's more detail across several other pages.<br /><br />- 0000350: [Rules and rulebooks] Attempting to rearrange rules during play results in a misleading error (graham) - closed.
- 0000351: [Releasing, bibliographic data, cBlorb] EPS map created incorrectly with nonstandard directions (graham) - closed.
- 0000363: [Indexing] Index indicates that kinds are kinds of themselves (graham) - closed.
- 0000370: [Extensions] Word limit is long enough for English, not long enough for the web... (graham) - closed.
- 0000371: [Indexing] Regions drawn incorrectly in World Index (graham) - closed.
- 0000372: [Model world] "Game is now in its normal 'brief' printing mode" even when that's not normal (graham) - closed.
- 0000373: [Source text and punctuation] Internal error when "rather" is incorrectly bracketed in a Definition (graham) - closed.
- 0000375: [Assertions and creations] Near-infinite series of unhelpful error messages before an explanation of the problem (graham) - closed.
- 0000381: [Source text and punctuation] Confusing error in response to a particular kind of missing semicolon (graham) - closed.
- 0000383: [Spacing and printing] "say N in words" says million instead of billion (graham) - closed.
- 0000390: [Properties] Misleading error when giving properties to an action name (and some other types) (graham) - closed.
- 0000397: [Assertions and creations] abject failure: "A person has a person called the surrogate. The surrogate of the player is the player." (graham) - closed.
- 0000395: [Indexing] New "to be..." relation verbs missing from phrasebook, and not permitted passive voice (graham) - closed.
- 0000398: [Rules and rulebooks] Code Block Underflow in Chapter 22/Stack Frames.w from single-line "else if" (graham) - closed.
- 0000400: [Source text and punctuation] to say ¶ gives error message about what the IDE(?) expanded the pilcrow to (graham) - closed.
- 0000404: [Activities] Attempting to use a description in deciding the scope activity results in abject failure (graham) - closed.
- 0000405: [Actions] Action names composed of multiple words cause the game to reject rules about these actions when they specify an actor. (graham) - closed.
- 0000415: [Scenes] Compiler crashes with code 11 when interlinking scenes with external conditions (graham) - closed.
- 0000432: [Model world] "3-sided door" problem message does not provide source code link (graham) - closed.
- 0000467: [Model world] Runtime problem refers to the player-character kind, which no longer exists (graham) - closed.
- 0000468: [Actions] Current action had been some action causes internal error (graham) - closed.
- 0000494: [Indexing] Massive CPU and memory usage when rooms in index map are positioned self-referentially - closed.
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