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Mac OS X Inform application - 6F95 (Released 2010-10-25) View Issues ]
- 0000092: [User Interface] Open Recent does not work with user extensions (toby) - closed.
- 0000135: [Editing] Mac IDE fails to save extensions with the .i7x file extension (ahunter) - closed.
- 0000296: [User Interface] Help menu links to what looks like an outdated version of the Recipe Book (ahunter) - closed.
- 0000153: [User Interface] Neither game nor index tab is available after successful compile (ahunter) - closed.
- 0000257: [Installation and Platform Issues] Glulx stories crash with Glk error on nested say statements involving indexed text (ahunter) - closed.
- 0000330: [User Interface] Obscure problem message for overflowing Z-machine RAM (ahunter) - closed.
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