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<br />This is a maintenance release, fixing numerous bugs but adding no new functionality.<br /><br />- 0000105: [Phrases and functional programming] Phrases applying only to specific values don't work for some KOVs (graham) - closed.
- 0000072: [Rules and rulebooks] Block-type values produced by rulebooks are not handled correctly (graham) - closed.
- 0000058: [Source text and punctuation] Leading/trailing apostrophes can't be used in story title (graham) - closed.
- 0000146: [Releasing, bibliographic data, cBlorb] Single-page source websites show "page 1 of 0" (graham) - closed.
- 0000038: [Model world] Bad output from examining enterable supporter (emshort) - closed.
- 0000076: [Tables] Self-referential constant lists don't work in tables defining a kind of value (graham) - closed.
- 0000040: [Releasing, bibliographic data, cBlorb] Parchment play-in-browser page hangs in Chrome browser (curiousdannii) - closed.
- 0000102: [Kinds and type checking] Long-form definitions forget their argument types (graham) - closed.
- 0000104: [Relations] Can't test one-to-one relations of values directly (graham) - closed.
- 0000107: [Phrases and functional programming] Phrase references used as cases in switch blocks lose their types (graham) - closed.
- 0000110: [Phrases and functional programming] invoking a phrase that begins with a number doesn't compile unless number is spelled out (graham) - closed.
- 0000111: [Phrases and functional programming] Wording descriptions of phrase arguments with ``that is'' leads to an ICE (graham) - closed.
- 0000116: [Extensions] "unindexed" does not prevent advertising variables in documentation (graham) - closed.
- 0000117: [Properties] A room is not accepted as property if it is created through a direction (graham) - closed.
- 0000130: [Assertions and creations] When the starting location is mistaken for a direction, the error message says a statement contradicts itself (graham) - closed.
- 0000142: [Indexing] Lone hyphen messes up index's phrasebook (graham) - closed.
- 0000143: [Rules and rulebooks] Crash on rule with name containing parentheses (graham) - closed.
- 0000032: [Phrases and functional programming] Testing "if the player was on the holder of the player" always returns true during the first turn (graham) - closed.
- 0000037: [Properties] An unamed value property (given the same name as the kind of value) cannot be used with "provides the property" conditional (graham) - closed.
- 0000079: [Model world] "[a list of ...]" lists the wrong objects when kind negation is involved (graham) - closed.
- 0000082: [Properties] Well-defined adjectives depending on a truth state property fail if the adjective is one word (graham) - closed.
- 0000083: [Phrases and functional programming] ICE deciding on nothing (which should never be done anyway) outside a phrase to decide a value (graham) - closed.
- 0000085: [Phrases and functional programming] Invoking a phrase that cannot be applied unambiguously changes the errors emitted (graham) - closed.
- 0000087: [Phrases and functional programming] There is no line number when a phrase's implicit return cannot find a default value (graham) - closed.
- 0000098: [Extensions] Section replacements suppress extension versioning errors (graham) - closed.
- 0000099: [Phrases and functional programming] Cannot move backdrops to regions with "now" (graham) - closed.
- 0000112: [Assertions and creations] Compiler crashes with code 10 when table defines an object that exists in another context (graham) - closed.
- 0000141: [Relations] "internal error -- too late now to defer propositions" from generalized conditional relations (graham) - closed.
- 0000041: [Relations] Relations of values which involve a property don't work (graham) - closed.
- 0000042: [Relations] Equivalence relations of values don't work (with solution) (graham) - closed.
- 0000043: [Relations] Confusion between one-to-various and various-to-various relations (graham) - closed.
- 0000044: [Kinds and type checking] Lack of type checking in arithmetic phrases (graham) - closed.
- 0000045: [Source text and punctuation] Can't use two constant lists in the same phrase in some cases (graham) - closed.
- 0000046: [Assertions and creations] Compiler hangs on faulty assertion about values (graham) - closed.
- 0000039: [Model world] Using the word "scene" in a room name causes compiler error (graham) - closed.
- 0000049: [Relations] Can't statically store relations of values in variables (graham) - closed.
- 0000050: [Kinds and type checking] (Dis)allowing descriptions of kinds more specific than objects (graham) - closed.
- 0000051: [Headings] Missing paragraph break between problem messages from different headings (graham) - closed.
- 0000054: [Indexing] seven minor scene index quibbles (graham) - closed.
- 0000057: [Rules and rulebooks] Requesting an actor to end the story results in an ``unable to do that'' message. (graham) - closed.
- 0000059: [Relations] Relations between numbers generate unused properties (graham) - closed.
- 0000061: [Indexing] Kinds Index shows incorrect default values for either-or properties (graham) - closed.
- 0000063: [Extensions] Installing a poorly named extension causes all projects to fail compilation with a cryptic error (graham) - closed.
- 0000033: [Phrases and functional programming] To say phrases with text as variables can't be called (graham) - closed.
- 0000035: [Properties] Plural creation of properties silently fails. (graham) - closed.
- 0000064: [Extensions] Generalized conditions in text containing line breaks can cause I6 errors (graham) - closed.
- 0000070: [Rules and rulebooks] Programming error appears at the start of the game in response to rulebook with two list variables (graham) - closed.
- 0000071: [Rules and rulebooks] Phrases to invoke value-producing rulebooks don't work with certain kinds of values (graham) - closed.
- 0000074: [Lists] Lists of more than 127 entries produce a compiler error (graham) - closed.
- 0000075: [Rules and rulebooks] "Last scene changing rule" isn't. (graham) - closed.
- 0000077: [Scenes] explicit listing a rule after "scene change machinery rule" works but never runs. (with solution?) - closed.
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