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Built-In Extensions - Change Log

Built-In Extensions - 6L02 (Released 2014-05-07) View Issues ]
- 0001188: [Glulx Text Effects (Emily Short)] Examples in Glulx Text Effects are not pastable (curiousdannii) - closed.
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Built-In Extensions - 6F95 (Released 2010-10-25) View Issues ]
- 0000170: [Plurality (Emily Short)] ['s-'re] substitution added to Plurality is missing in version 8 (emshort) - closed.
- 0000252: [Plurality (Emily Short)] Unnamed every turn rule in Plurality (emshort) - closed.
- 0000272: [Locksmith (Emily Short)] Keychain kind double-reports its contents (emshort) - closed.
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Built-In Extensions - 6E72 (Released 2010-07-01) View Issues ]
<br />This is a maintenance release, fixing numerous bugs but adding no new functionality.<br /><br />- 0000073: [Plurality (Emily Short)] Use of deprecated feature may mask deprecated features in author code. (emshort) - closed.
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Core Inform - Change Log

Core Inform - 6L02 (Released 2014-05-07) View Issues ]
- 0000577: [Indexing] Missing "Index" directory in .inform project causes ni compiler to error out (graham) - closed.
- 0000366: [Kinds and type checking] Compiler accepts modifications to constant lists and other putative r-values (graham) - closed.
- 0000374: [Properties] Condition properties cannot be shared between kinds (graham) - closed.
- 0000377: [Extensions] Extension documentation prettifier drops final -) of multiline I6 inclusions in example code (graham) - closed.
- 0000379: [Extensions] Code after the ``ends here'' line is accepted (graham) - closed.
- 0000401: [Actions] The ' (matched as "symbol") ' segment doesn't work with values that are not objects. (graham) - closed.
- 0000411: [Source text and punctuation] Unhelpful error message for ``at the time that'' rather than ``at the time when'' (graham) - closed.
- 0000412: [Assertions and creations] Spurious Semicolon Causes Wrong Error Message (graham) - closed.
- 0000435: [Properties] Including spurious "called X" in kind-named property definition fails to compile and produces unhelpful error message. (graham) - closed.
- 0000437: [Understanding] Inform confused between defining a grammar token and defining synonyms for a class of object (graham) - closed.
- 0000444: [Tables] Inform ignores explicit typing for table columns (graham) - closed.
- 0000446: [Tables] Inform rejects kinds other than object, number, text, and indexed text in parenthetical table column typing (graham) - closed.
- 0000448: [Tables] Kind of table column is determined solely according to the first table, but later mismatches compile (graham) - closed.
- 0000451: [Source text and punctuation] Blank line in rule causes unhelpful errors (graham) - closed.
- 0000473: [Phrases and functional programming] To decide whether phrases are mistyped (graham) - closed.
- 0000474: [Rules and rulebooks] Unhelpful error message when using if statement incorrectly (graham) - closed.
- 0000484: [Actions] Compiler crashes (code 10) with test using custom past participle and a time reference (graham) - closed.
- 0000490: [Phrases and functional programming] Error message does not mention that a temporary variable has gone out of scope (graham) - closed.
- 0000497: [Relations] "number of steps via" does not work for relations involving values (graham) - closed.
- 0000500: [Rules and rulebooks] A rule has "when" in its name, causing spurious syntax errors. (graham) - closed.
- 0000512: [Rules and rulebooks] Instead rules, which fail, do not set "the reason the action failed", blaming the Procedural rulebook (graham) - closed.
- 0000513: [Rules and rulebooks] can't pass 0 to any rulebook (graham) - closed.
- 0000514: [Rules and rulebooks] A pair of "<rule> is listed before/after <rule> in <rulebook>" consistently fails. (graham) - closed.
- 0000517: [Properties] A kind "has a number" causes problems with the standard rules (graham) - closed.
- 0000521: [Assertions and creations] Writing two "[direction] is nowhere" statements in a row results in error message. (graham) - closed.
- 0000537: [Rules and rulebooks] I am unable to create '<no text>' (graham) - closed.
- 0000539: [Kinds and type checking] Problem messages states that value cannot have properties, when index says otherwise. (graham) - closed.
- 0000543: [Rules and rulebooks] A rule that references a just-called name in a condition describing repetitions causes compiler to fail (graham) - closed.
- 0000561: [Understanding] Missing text in the error message for a spurious ``is'' in a condition on understanding (graham) - closed.
- 0000564: [Understanding] Suggest enhanced problem message to indicate exact reason of failure when source is "understand... as <an object that varies>." (graham) - closed.
- 0000568: [Relations] "Let V be the <kind> that relates to <an object> by <a relation of objects to objects>" triggers a programming error (graham) - closed.
- 0000571: [Tables] Naming a table with an alphanumeric number will not compile (graham) - closed.
- 0000575: [Scenes] Scene Ending Logic Not Compiling (graham) - closed.
- 0000578: [Relations] Fast Route-Finding Fails with Relations (graham) - closed.
- 0000583: [Phrases and functional programming] ``Fewer than'' cannot be used in place of ``less than,'' despite the notes in the phrasebook (graham) - closed.
- 0000584: [Phrases and functional programming] Number of turns since an action can be both zero and more than zero simultaneously (graham) - closed.
- 0000587: [Kinds and type checking] Certain tables cause Basic Help Menu entries to be truncated (graham) - closed.
- 0000589: [Assertions and creations] Defining a room in the same direction from a door as its first side causes weird error message (graham) - closed.
- 0000591: [Phrases and functional programming] capitalization-sensitive say-phrases don't work with/beside slashed synonyms (graham) - closed.
- 0000593: [Kinds and type checking] RawBufferSize is not reset in INDEXED_TEXT_TY_Cast; out-of-bounds memory access is possible converting text to indexed text (graham) - closed.
- 0000597: [Releasing, bibliographic data, cBlorb] Multi-line footnote comment can cause garbled website "source text" (graham) - closed.
- 0000615: [Releasing, bibliographic data, cBlorb] Story title ending in question mark cannot be Released (graham) - closed.
- 0000617: [Relations] "next step via..." and "number of steps via..." aren't implemented for values (but can be used with buggy results) (graham) - closed.
- 0000620: [Activities] 'while activity' clause used with 'when' clause either doesn't compile or doesn't work (graham) - closed.
- 0000621: [Phrases and functional programming] Let phrase does not infer the kind of a rule (graham) - closed.
- 0000623: [Rules and rulebooks] ``While'' and ``when'' are not completely interchangeable (graham) - closed.
- 0000624: [Tables] Can't blank out block value entries in a table (graham) - closed.
- 0000635: [Headings] "unindexed" and "(in place of...)" can't both be used (graham) - closed.
- 0000636: [Understanding] Multiexcept lookahead (graham) - closed.
- 0000644: [Kinds and type checking] Kind from WI 21.1 cannot be used in a let phrase (graham) - closed.
- 0000685: [Assertions and creations] Extraordinarily unhelpful error messages for illegal declarations (graham) - closed.
- 0000690: [Tables] A kind name is not rejected in a table column of things (graham) - closed.
- 0000707: [Tables] listed in and corresponding fails with indexed text (graham) - closed.
- 0000714: [Releasing, bibliographic data, cBlorb] Republishing an existing zcode game fails with 6G60 and 6F95 (graham) - closed.
- 0000718: [Tables] Missing source text link for empty tables (graham) - closed.
- 0000719: [Understanding] Using "reversed wearing" relation in an understand statement causes the game to hang on two-word commands (graham) - closed.
- 0000728: [Relations] Error message mentions a property used internally, but without explanation (graham) - closed.
- 0000735: [Assertions and creations] Declaring "Every X incorporates a Y" when Y is not a kind can yield a confusing error message (graham) - closed.
- 0000739: [Kinds and type checking] Error message mentions wrong phrase for kind mismatch (graham) - closed.
- 0000740: [Kinds and type checking] Duplicate word in error message for kind with no default value (graham) - closed.
- 0000741: [Kinds and type checking] Only part of the erroneous line is quoted in the error message for a type mismatch in a definition (graham) - closed.
- 0000759: [Rules and rulebooks] can't follow/consider some rulebooks (graham) - closed.
- 0000763: [Rules and rulebooks] Problems with making a rulebook default success / failure. (graham) - closed.
- 0000767: [Understanding] Topics in phrases compile to broken code (graham) - closed.
- 0000775: [Assertions and creations] I7 compiler crashes on braced invocations within I6-level class inclusion (graham) - closed.
- 0000777: [Phrases and functional programming] Code 10 from Inform 6 when defining to-phrase with a double-quote as a slashed synonym (graham) - closed.
- 0000778: [Assertions and creations] abject failure when trying to implicitly create a rulebook via relation (graham) - closed.
- 0000779: [Lists] Error message for using temporary variables in description does not cover all possible cases (graham) - closed.
- 0000786: [Phrases and functional programming] The compiler doesn't accept the construct 'unless (condition), (phrase 1); otherwise (phrase 2).' (graham) - closed.
- 0000794: [Indexing] creating two directions and setting them in opposition prevents compilation (graham) - closed.
- 0000796: [Extensions] Duplicate statements in Standard Rules (graham) - closed.
- 0000797: [Extensions] RelationKind.i6t has DOS-style newlines (graham) - closed.
- 0000798: [Extensions] Misleading problem message when including several extensions on the same sentence (graham) - closed.
- 0000808: [Understanding] Scope test in a parse_name causes the parser to hang (graham) - closed.
- 0000809: [Source text and punctuation] I7 not escaped in RTP_WRONGASSIGNEDKIND messages (graham) - closed.
- 0000813: [Phrases and functional programming] "[any thing]" used in a phrase causes compiler to fail with confusing error message (graham) - closed.
- 0000814: [Understanding] "[someone]" passed as a phrase argument causes compiler to fail with confusing error message (graham) - closed.
- 0000823: [Assertions and creations] <no text> in problem message provoked by preposition at beginning of rulebook name (graham) - closed.
- 0000825: [Phrases and functional programming] Within one phrase, only the first occurrence of a particular dynamic dispatch is compiled to a resolver (graham) - closed.
- 0000834: [Phrases and functional programming] ``Before'' or ``after'' in unrecognized case triggers internal error (graham) - closed.
- 0000836: [Lists] List code not included for lists in parameters (graham) - closed.
- 0000838: [Kinds and type checking] Global variables cannot be declared to hold rulebook outcomes (graham) - closed.
- 0000839: [Kinds and type checking] The kinds ``rulebook outcome'' and "topic" do not appear in the kinds tab of the index (graham) - closed.
- 0000848: [Phrases and functional programming] Compiler reports spurious kind error on intended dynamic dispatch (graham) - closed.
- 0000862: [Headings] Ending a heading with punctuation causes an inaccurate error message (graham) - closed.
- 0000864: [Assertions and creations] When including an extension after defining a room, the error message implies no room exists (graham) - closed.
- 0000867: [Phrases and functional programming] Error message about a definition referencing a past-tense condition is misleading (graham) - closed.
- 0000877: [Relations] internal error, "binding and substitution line 364" (graham) - closed.
- 0000882: [Assertions and creations] "Use ineffectual" breaks I6 (graham) - closed.
- 0000883: [Extensions] Problem message for translations that are not quoted I6 identifiers leaves out some source text (graham) - closed.
- 0000884: [Activities] A while clause that specifies the basis of an activity compiles only for some kinds of bases (graham) - closed.
- 0000885: [Activities] While <activity> a thing (called X) doesn't assign to X (graham) - closed.
- 0000887: [Kinds and type checking] Cannot assign literal values to "description of K" variables (graham) - closed.
- 0000888: [Assertions and creations] Inform refuses to create global variables holding a "description of K" (graham) - closed.
- 0000889: [Tables] Tables of descriptions cannot be populated at compile-time (graham) - closed.
- 0000891: [Kinds and type checking] Description interpreted as object name (graham) - closed.
- 0000893: [Indexing] Attempting to add exits to an unnamed room via the index produces strange code (graham) - closed.
- 0000899: [Source text and punctuation] Umbrella issue: Inform rejects description literals in several cases (graham) - closed.
- 0000906: [Kinds and type checking] Compiler produces unlimited repetitions of same error when doing dubious things with kind hierarchy (graham) - closed.
- 0000908: [Actions] Restrictions on action variables not accepted when declaring kinds of actions (graham) - closed.
- 0000911: [Indexing] Conflating rooms and doors causes the compiler to report an internal error (graham) - closed.
- 0000916: [Phrases and functional programming] Example sentence from WI 6.15 does not compile (graham) - closed.
- 0000917: [Kinds and type checking] Problem message reports that a value of kind description of people has the kind person (graham) - closed.
- 0000925: [Assertions and creations] Initializing a nonexistent property using an overloaded past tense verb crashes NI (graham) - closed.
- 0000932: [Assertions and creations] "Here is a nothing" causes internal error (graham) - closed.
- 0000933: [Source text and punctuation] Confusing problem message about changing kind when the word ``random'' is omitted (graham) - closed.
- 0000939: [Assertions and creations] Defining an object via a table that includes a "location" column creates a duplicate property, breaking the world model (graham) - closed.
- 0000957: [Understanding] Too many activities / stack overflow for understand rule. (graham) - closed.
- 0000967: [Source text and punctuation] "The <kind>" should be flagged as an error (graham) - closed.
- 0000991: [Relations] can't define a relation with "to" (graham) - closed.
- 0000999: [Releasing, bibliographic data, cBlorb] Having the é character in the path to a project results in "Translating the Source - Failed" error (graham) - closed.
- 0001004: [Kinds and type checking] Compiler accepts modifications to r-values resulting from implicit casts (graham) - closed.
- 0001005: [Equations, units, arithmetic] Order of operations is not respected for arithmatic written in words (graham) - closed.
- 0001010: [Tables] Untitled table column provokes an internal error: registered meaning of two or more #s (graham) - closed.
- 0001021: [Equations, units, arithmetic] Calculating the square root returns minus one for certain values (graham) - closed.
- 0001038: [Assertions and creations] Specifically named part of a generic object causes internal error (graham) - closed.
- 0001052: [Lists] List (of numbers) sorting produces incorrect result (Z-code) (graham) - closed.
- 0001057: [Source text and punctuation] can't use "(called [variable])" in a rule for an activity when the kind involved is a phrase with a parenthesis (graham) - closed.
- 0001077: [Source text and punctuation] I7 not completely escaped in RulePrintingRule strings (graham) - closed.
- 0001078: [Releasing, bibliographic data, cBlorb] Backslashes not correctly escaped in Parchment (curiousdannii) - closed.
- 0001079: [Phrases and functional programming] Phrase overloading doesn't support different "decide what" kinds (graham) - closed.
- 0001083: [Rules and rulebooks] Internal compiler error when using ``storage'' in an activity rule preamble (graham) - closed.
- 0001095: [Rules and rulebooks] No phrase to get value produced by a nothing based rule (graham) - closed.
- 0001097: [Kinds and type checking] Internal error incrementing a relation (graham) - closed.
- 0001103: [Properties] Compiler rejects implicitly named properties with kinds that are strict subtypes of object (graham) - closed.
- 0001104: [Extensions] Compiler rejects inclusions after the last section in an .i6t (graham) - closed.
- 0001110: [Relations] Compiler crash in complex descriptions (graham) - closed.
- 0001116: [Assertions and creations] Unnamed creations with properties require specific, under-documented wording. (graham) - closed.
- 0001117: [Assertions and creations] Cyclic nesting is not always detected (graham) - closed.
- 0001139: [Rules and rulebooks] "Named" rule missing a name breaks NI (graham) - closed.
- 0001154: [Relations] Compiler hangs on attempt to add relation as attribute. (graham) - closed.
- 0001153: [Assertions and creations] Abject failure setting conditional text (graham) - closed.
- 0001160: [Understanding] Preposition look-ahead can run off the buffer (graham) - closed.
- 0000360: [Phrases and functional programming] Missing colon in a case results in an incorrect (though helpful) problem message (graham) - closed.
- 0000442: [Phrases and functional programming] Spurious comma in generated I6 (graham) - closed.
- 0000445: [Kinds and type checking] HTML for runtime problem P60 has the explanation cast in the wrong template (graham) - closed.
- 0000456: [Phrases and functional programming] Error message refers to a box as a ball (graham) - closed.
- 0000487: [Extensions] The problem message for a reference to an undeclared value in an I6 inclusion points to the standard rules (graham) - closed.
- 0000491: [Phrases and functional programming] Phrase with too many locals, one of which is a parameter, and nested loops provokes internal error (graham) - closed.
- 0000501: [Phrases and functional programming] Unhelpful error message when Python-style phrases are indented (graham) - closed.
- 0000502: [Indexing] world index does not list backdrops in their respective locations (graham) - closed.
- 0000515: [Relations] various-to-one relations of things to values causes the compiler to crash (graham) - closed.
- 0001165: [Model world] Typo in switch statement in RunTimeProblem (graham) - closed.
- 0001174: [Properties] Example in the problem message for 0000435 falls afoul of 0000517. (graham) - closed.
- 0001181: [Rules and rulebooks] listing a rule before itself causes an internal error (graham) - closed.
- 0000549: [Assertions and creations] Internal error placing a kind of value (graham) - closed.
- 0000551: [Releasing, bibliographic data, cBlorb] Requesting release of source text in an extension causes failure in packaging for release (graham) - closed.
- 0000553: [Source text and punctuation] Apostrophe in story headline (graham) - closed.
- 0000557: [Assertions and creations] Bogus errors when using both colon and comma forms within If statement. (graham) - closed.
- 0000560: [Actions] Extraneous words in an action name trigger an internal error (graham) - closed.
- 0000567: [Properties] Stating a fully-enumerated kind of value can be privately-named cause I6 errors (graham) - closed.
- 0000582: [Source text and punctuation] Segmentation fault when the text ``relates to'' appears in a declarative context (graham) - closed.
- 0000588: [Assertions and creations] Forgetting a full stop between defining a text property for a room and creating a map connection causes internal error (graham) - closed.
- 0000590: [Properties] 'vague property' message doesn't link to source. (graham) - closed.
- 0000619: [Activities] code 10 on while/when conditions (graham) - closed.
- 0000626: [Extensions] questionable syntax in Lists.i6t and Combinations.i6t (graham) - closed.
- 0000628: [Phrases and functional programming] Compiler refuses complex Every turn rule and misidentifies the line to jump to (graham) - closed.
- 0000647: [Understanding] can't use relations to values in an understand token (graham) - closed.
- 0000660: [Lists] Typo in error message regarding lists. (graham) - closed.
- 0000662: [Lists] Duplicate error message for unrecognized list element (graham) - closed.
- 0000669: [Properties] Internal error on incomplete declaration of an either/or property (graham) - closed.
- 0000671: [Source text and punctuation] Internal error "no heading for position P" (graham) - closed.
- 0000698: [Understanding] Internal error when understanding a non-EO property as describing too broad a class of things (jmcgrew) - closed.
- 0000699: [Understanding] ``That'' capitalized mid-sentence in problem message (jmcgrew) - closed.
- 0000703: [Assertions and creations] Internal error in Memory.w when defining a kind of value through a table (graham) - closed.
- 0000712: [Properties] Abject failure caused by "[property] of a random [single or non-existent object]". (graham) - closed.
- 0000716: [Tables] Continued empty table causes compiler crash (graham) - closed.
- 0000727: [Properties] Internal error storing a relation-valued property in a local (graham) - closed.
- 0000750: [Kinds and type checking] Error message does not mention the basis for a rule when that basis causes a type mismatch (graham) - closed.
- 0000751: [Properties] "now" assignment generates bad I6 but "let" works when: (property variable) = (property); (graham) - closed.
- 0000754: [Understanding] I7_ExtendedTryNumber() in Parser.i6t is obsolete (graham) - closed.
- 0000757: [Understanding] duplicated code in Parser.i6t (graham) - closed.
- 0000760: [Activities] Type mis-match in Parser.i6t (graham) - closed.
- 0000356: [Testing commands] RELATIONS dysfunction on "one to various" relations involving text (with solution) (graham) - closed.
- 0000362: [Phrases and functional programming] Inlined I6 phrases may be named, even though there is no corresponding function (graham) - closed.
- 0000368: [Phrases and functional programming] No dynamic dispatch for phrases applying to specific phrases (graham) - closed.
- 0000376: [Model world] Enclosure doesn't work for "a room" (graham) - closed.
- 0000384: [Spacing and printing] Rulebooks producing a value interfere with status line display (graham) - closed.
- 0000396: [Understanding] "only understood you as far..." error produces wrong output for directions (graham) - closed.
- 0000399: [Equations, units, arithmetic] "let m be given by...." followed by "say m" produces absolutely nothing (graham) - closed.
- 0000409: [Activities] the you-can-also-see rule incorrectly calls activity and has unreplaceable text (graham) - closed.
- 0000410: [Phrases and functional programming] Phrase matching depends on nonappearance of other check rules (graham) - closed.
- 0000417: [Source text and punctuation] Nested rule headings are accepted (graham) - closed.
- 0000433: [Activities] Deciding whether all includes does not occur when the player is alone (graham) - closed.
- 0000434: [Kinds and type checking] Saying a kind "can be closed or open" makes "open" work strangely (graham) - closed.
- 0000436: [Phrases and functional programming] Block values survive outside of their scope (graham) - closed.
- 0000463: [Phrases and functional programming] Strange bug occurs when:1) the author gives a name to a say phrase 2) this phrase is related to something else via a relation. (graham) - closed.
- 0000441: [Equations, units, arithmetic] Times are not reduced modulo 1440 minutes (graham) - closed.
- 0000452: [Kinds and type checking] Can't test if two kind variables are equal. (graham) - closed.
- 0000453: [Activities] Activities on values do not work like activities on objects (graham) - closed.
- 0000459: [Properties] Printed name property does not always match (graham) - closed.
- 0000460: [Understanding] Overagressive parsing of number descriptors results in illogical parser errors (graham) - closed.
- 0000461: [Rules and rulebooks] Value-parametrized rulebook declarations fail with unhelpful message when hyphen is included. (graham) - closed.
- 0000469: [Phrases and functional programming] Semantics of ``break'' don't match the description in WI 11.12 (graham) - closed.
- 0000479: [Phrases and functional programming] ALMOST ALL does not operate correctly at low object counts (graham) - closed.
- 0000480: [Phrases and functional programming] ALL BUT and ALL EXCEPT do not work general kinds (graham) - closed.
- 0000488: [Understanding] Author-defined types of value parsed improperly with grammar defined in conditional "understand" lines (graham) - closed.
- 0000489: [Understanding] Certain forms of author-defined KOVs fail to parse in player input (graham) - closed.
- 0000505: [Activities] Rules without 'parameters' not listed in RULES command. (graham) - closed.
- 0000506: [Actions] TAKE action fake-succeeds, doesn't run any of its rules, blames a "convert" check rule. (graham) - closed.
- 0000523: [Relations] Accessing a value through a relation when the kind of this value is declared before the relation causes a programming error (graham) - closed.
- 0000525: [Understanding] Five parser errors don't run the printing a parser error activity (with solution) (graham) - closed.
- 0000527: [Model world] "<room> is <a kind of room> above/below <room>" does not properly create connections between rooms (graham) - closed.
- 0000533: [Properties] "X is an [adjective] [kind]" causes compiler error when adjective is defined as a phrase for another kind (graham) - closed.
- 0000547: [Equations, units, arithmetic] Printing routines for arithmetic values with units depend on scale factors being powers of ten (graham) - closed.
- 0000548: [Equations, units, arithmetic] Printing routines for arithmetic values with units do not change units for large negative values (graham) - closed.
- 0000550: [Rules and rulebooks] Using "world" in an object name conflicts with Standard Rules (graham) - closed.
- 0000554: [Phrases and functional programming] With multiple definitions of an adjective applying to the same kind, only the first is honored. (graham) - closed.
- 0000555: [Understanding] Compiler accepting Understand rules but subsequently ignoring them. (graham) - closed.
- 0000565: [Model world] Can't interact with former self object except indirectly. (graham) - closed.
- 0000576: [Properties] Properties and adjectives with overlapping names on different kinds interfere with one another (graham) - closed.
- 0000580: [Understanding] P37 low level error with invalid use of text token (graham) - closed.
- 0000585: [Rules and rulebooks] After rule for asking someone to try doing something does not get triggered after successful asking action (graham) - closed.
- 0000598: [Actions] ENTER SELF produces incongruous response (graham) - closed.
- 0000599: [Lists] Lists starting with the name of an action that takes a noun cannot be sorted in random order. (graham) - closed.
- 0000602: [Model world] [You can't "undo" what hasn't been done!]-error should not be based on the turn count. (graham) - closed.
- 0000604: [Model world] Going within a vehicle driven by an NPC does not update the location (graham) - closed.
- 0000605: [Phrases and functional programming] Regular expression character classes (\p) misbehave in character alternatives (<>) (graham) - closed.
- 0000613: [Phrases and functional programming] Property name conflicts with table column name (graham) - closed.
- 0000618: [Source text and punctuation] Missing Punctuation after Use definition should produce error (graham) - closed.
- 0000630: [Model world] The thing gone with is allowed to be the vehicle gone by (graham) - closed.
- 0000632: [Phrases and functional programming] Description of objects involving two relations is parsed in a nonsensical way (graham) - closed.
- 0000648: [Properties] Property names typecast to a number and back again can not be typed (graham) - closed.
- 0000633: [Understanding] "does the player mean" not working with inserting action (graham) - closed.
- 0000634: [Spacing and printing] "list the contents of" ignores ISARE option when contents are nothing (graham) - closed.
- 0000638: [Assertions and creations] Defining facts about player before defining who player is discards those facts (graham) - closed.
- 0000642: [Understanding] if '"[<object>]" matches the topic understood' changes 'the noun' (graham) - closed.
- 0000655: [Assertions and creations] When a gendered character is cast as the player, there are issues when making use of that gender. (graham) - closed.
- 0000661: [Assertions and creations] Compound sentence of new non-preposition assertion verbs will not compile (graham) - closed.
- 0000670: [Kinds and type checking] testing a relation with the wrong kinds gives an unhelpful error message (graham) - closed.
- 0000680: [Understanding] ParseToken permutes the match list (graham) - closed.
- 0000683: [Tables] "listed in" condition changes table selection even when test fails (graham) - closed.
- 0000693: [Assertions and creations] "Something" as a room name causes weird behaviour. (graham) - closed.
- 0000694: [Assertions and creations] The front and back sides of a door are not determined according to the description in WI 3.12 (graham) - closed.
- 0000696: [Assertions and creations] Placement of figure name declarations in source can produce spurious errors (graham) - closed.
- 0000700: [Understanding] Parse Token Letter D assumes that the match_length words that were matched begin at oops_from (graham) - closed.
- 0000708: [Tables] more indexed text woes (graham) - closed.
- 0000715: [Spacing and printing] Quoted strings containing literal linebreaks are treated inconsistently (graham) - closed.
- 0000723: [Phrases and functional programming] "Resume the story" doesn't work when invoked from a final question (graham) - closed.
- 0000726: [Relations] Relation-valued properties are initialized with the default value of the relation kind, rather than a copy of the default value (graham) - closed.
- 0000737: [Equations, units, arithmetic] Compiler generates unit scales too large for Z-code (graham) - closed.
- 0000743: [Spacing and printing] A silent action prints a spurious line break when used as a to-phrase within text (with solution?) (graham) - closed.
- 0000744: [Understanding] Does the player mean rules don't run for actions applying to a topic (graham) - closed.
- 0000745: [Understanding] Understand "two words" as something new compiles, though it doesn't do anything. (graham) - closed.
- 0000746: [Releasing, bibliographic data, cBlorb] "Release number" and "story headline" et al not set according to 23.2. Bibliographic data (graham) - closed.
- 0000753: [Kinds and type checking] I6 substitution returning a value can be used for any kind (graham) - closed.
- 0000756: [Glulx issues (files, figures, sounds)] "Player consents" does not update the status line under Glulx (graham) - closed.
- 0000765: [Understanding] I6 error when (erroneously) using "any" with a description-of-KOVs as an understand token (graham) - closed.
- 0000769: [Kinds and type checking] NI allows author to define a new kind of value with same name as an existing rulebook. (graham) - closed.
- 0000781: [Extensions] Author name of extension does not permit non-UTF-8 characters (graham) - closed.
- 0000784: [Actions] "doing something other than Xing the Y" is handled wrong (graham) - closed.
- 0000787: [Model world] The carrying capacity of a person is ignored when taking off. (graham) - closed.
- 0000788: [Model world] The carrying capacity is ignored when giving. (graham) - closed.
- 0000791: [Assertions and creations] "Every thing unlocks itself" gives a weird error message (graham) - closed.
- 0000799: [Phrases and functional programming] Parenthetical "called" annotations are allowed in descriptions passed as arguments (graham) - closed.
- 0000800: [Understanding] Something placed in scope matches the multiinside token. (graham) - closed.
- 0000801: [Kinds and type checking] deep copy fails when rvalue is indexed text variable, not literal (graham) - closed.
- 0000802: [Kinds and type checking] INDEXED_TEXT_TY_Cast allocates only one byte per character, even under Glulx (graham) - closed.
- 0000803: [Kinds and type checking] Compiler accepts plurals for nonexistent kinds (graham) - closed.
- 0000806: [Model world] A spurious report of darkness is reported when exiting a closed container (graham) - closed.
- 0000807: [Model world] starting inside a closed container condemns the player to eternal darkness (graham) - closed.
- 0000817: [Phrases and functional programming] Descriptions of phrases rejected as not understood (graham) - closed.
- 0000818: [Phrases and functional programming] Repeated error message for incomplete description (graham) - closed.
- 0000820: [Kinds and type checking] <no text> in problem message provoked by undefined kind variable (graham) - closed.
- 0000821: [Extensions] Error message does not mention that variables can be translated into I6 (graham) - closed.
- 0000824: [Assertions and creations] Preposition overrides ``called'' when creating a rulebook. (graham) - closed.
- 0000826: [Indexing] The index's Contents page can grow so large that Inform 7 crashes (graham) - closed.
- 0000827: [Model world] Rules for supplying a missing noun while smelling and listening incorrectly abide by the basic accessibility rule (graham) - closed.
- 0000830: [Phrases and functional programming] Error message for untestable condition in dynamic dispatch points to the call site, not the condition (graham) - closed.
- 0000832: [Extensions] Use options with initial values given in words compile with an initial value of zero (graham) - closed.
- 0000835: [Understanding] Descriptors() is sensitive to following periods (graham) - closed.
- 0000845: [Spacing and printing] Printing a Unicode character bypasses the current IO system (graham) - closed.
- 0000847: [Phrases and functional programming] Runtime problem messages point to the source text, even if the infraction is in an extension (graham) - closed.
- 0000849: [Spacing and printing] "[otherwise if]" is accepted on its own (graham) - closed.
- 0000850: [Equations, units, arithmetic] RoundOffTime() doesn't properly handle negative numbers (graham) - closed.
- 0000861: [Source text and punctuation] Spurious errors when declaring either/or properties on the inside direction (graham) - closed.
- 0000852: [Model world] The player can be part of something else, but this breaks everything (graham) - closed.
- 0000854: [Model world] Some verb conjugations are hard-coded and therefore don't match plural-named actors (graham) - closed.
- 0000856: [Scenes] "when a scene ends" rule runs twice if scene has multiple endings (graham) - closed.
- 0000863: [Assertions and creations] Abject failure from the year 1969 (graham) - closed.
- 0000865: [Actions] The player's command does not include the noun when it is provided by disambiguation (graham) - closed.
- 0000869: [Model world] Examining includes a spurious "the" if "to say the" is overridden (graham) - closed.
- 0000870: [Model world] Directions for doors or rooms with entrances in different directions show in text replacements as the opposite of the other side (graham) - closed.
- 0000871: [Testing commands] RULES ALL omits rules of the form "Carry out Xing where..." in some circumstances (graham) - closed.
- 0000872: [Actions] An actor implicitly taking something is reported even when happening out of sight. (graham) - closed.
- 0000873: [Phrases and functional programming] Default case of a generic phrase's resolver specializes to one kind (graham) - closed.
- 0000874: [Phrases and functional programming] Conditions in generic phrase parameters are checked without kind safety (graham) - closed.
- 0000886: [Model world] In-scope doors are always reachable for most actions, including entering. (graham) - closed.
- 0000900: [Source text and punctuation] Inform gets the player global mixed up with player object. (graham) - closed.
- 0000904: [Kinds and type checking] Generic phrases can be instantiated with indefinite kinds (graham) - closed.
- 0000912: [Spacing and printing] Printing indexed text bypasses the current IO system (graham) - closed.
- 0000913: [Releasing, bibliographic data, cBlorb] It is impossible to include Unicode substitutions—and therefore fancy dashes—in bibliographic metadata (graham) - closed.
- 0000915: [Source text and punctuation] Rulebook name conflicts with property name (graham) - closed.
- 0000924: [Relations] NI doesn't like capitalized verbs (graham) - closed.
- 0000926: [Source text and punctuation] It is impossible to include fancy dashes in strings without using Unicode substitutions (graham) - closed.
- 0000931: [Kinds and type checking] Missing type checks storing values in tables (graham) - closed.
- 0000935: [Kinds and type checking] Properties initialized with implicitly created objects violate type safety (graham) - closed.
- 0000936: [Model world] Putting a fixed in place item on a supporter gives two messages, but putting in a container gives only one. (graham) - closed.
- 0000941: [Indexing] Extra words in problem message for a value with a specification (graham) - closed.
- 0000942: [Understanding] "Understand property as describing" does not tolerate overlapping property names (graham) - closed.
- 0000944: [Assertions and creations] Problem message "described as being 'here', but here doesn't seem to be any location at this point" lacks link to source line (graham) - closed.
- 0000952: [Lists] Errors in lists of texts are reported incorrectly (graham) - closed.
- 0000956: [Source text and punctuation] Names with 'player' in confuse the parser (graham) - closed.
- 0000965: [Source text and punctuation] Problem messages for a wording that already has a meaning do not point to the statements establishing that meaning (graham) - closed.
- 0000968: [Lists] "repeat with X running through (list)" re-evaluates the list expression each time (graham) - closed.
- 0000984: [Phrases and functional programming] Misquoted source text in problem message for an implicitly looped assignment (graham) - closed.
- 0000985: [Understanding] Problem message reads ``kind'' where perhaps ``kind of object'' was intended (graham) - closed.
- 0000990: [Understanding] "anything" and "any thing" behave differently as noun tokens (graham) - closed.
- 0000994: [Properties] Using enumerable values as properties breaks relations (graham) - closed.
- 0000998: [Phrases and functional programming] "Instead phrase..." fails to rtrue for resolver phrases (graham) - closed.
- 0001002: [Understanding] Ending a command with a period causes DPMR results to be ignored (graham) - closed.
- 0001006: [Rules and rulebooks] "No outcome" rulebook outcome cannot be printed (graham) - closed.
- 0001009: [Phrases and functional programming] Problem message wording implies that ``decide yes'' and ``decide no'' do not decide on a value. (graham) - closed.
- 0001011: [Understanding] understand [something] as examining interacts with [command].[command] (graham) - closed.
- 0001028: [Understanding] Problem message about grammar token '[topic]' offers unusable advice (graham) - closed.
- 0001031: [Model world] Exiting off stage items gives a programming error. (graham) - closed.
- 0001032: [Actions] Contrary to WI 9.16, conditions like "If we have taken the lantern" become true if the player persuades an NPC to try the action (graham) - closed.
- 0001040: [Assertions and creations] "X is always in R" does not work the same as "all X are in R" (graham) - closed.
- 0001042: [Relations] Backdrops are not "regionally in" their regions (graham) - closed.
- 0001044: [Actions] Trying actions doesn't reset the meta variable (graham) - closed.
- 0001045: [Releasing, bibliographic data, cBlorb] cblorb does not accept strings as <id> in blurb files (graham) - closed.
- 0001046: [Properties] Property verb doesn't work for "a room" (graham) - closed.
- 0001047: [Lists] Internal error when a temporary named value is used as an entry in a constant list (graham) - closed.
- 0001056: [Source text and punctuation] Source apostrophe heuristic is not Unicode-aware (graham) - closed.
- 0001060: [Relations] "greater than" and "less than" in object descriptions behave wrong (graham) - closed.
- 0001062: [Model world] The carrying capacity is ignored when entering. (graham) - closed.
- 0001063: [Kinds and type checking] Adjectives defined with "if its <property>" don't work for block values (graham) - closed.
- 0001065: [Releasing, bibliographic data, cBlorb] The ni compiler outputs error messages to stdout (graham) - closed.
- 0001066: [Actions] including "For the first time" in a disjunctive description of actions to avoid yields a slightly confusing error message (graham) - closed.
- 0001067: [Properties] Compiler overzealous in disallowing anonymous references to properties of non-objects (graham) - closed.
- 0001092: [Phrases and functional programming] Limit of 15 local variables is obsolete (graham) - closed.
- 0001069: [Assertions and creations] Compiler ignores some contradictions introduced by ``here is'' (graham) - closed.
- 0001070: [Phrases and functional programming] The description ``nowhere'' compiles as ``anywhere'' (graham) - closed.
- 0001071: [Source text and punctuation] Error messages mention "begin" even when using colon and indentation syntax (graham) - closed.
- 0001074: [Understanding] Error message refers to incorrect line (graham) - closed.
- 0001080: [Phrases and functional programming] General phrase overrides specific one if it appears later in the source text (graham) - closed.
- 0001089: [Source text and punctuation] Confusing problem message for wrong kind of quotes around text (graham) - closed.
- 0001096: [Actions] Actor, noun, second noun, etc. change meaning when used in a stored action comparison (graham) - closed.
- 0001098: [Kinds and type checking] Problem message about value vs. stored value could be made clearer (graham) - closed.
- 0001099: [Kinds and type checking] Callings allows type violations (graham) - closed.
- 0001101: [Phrases and functional programming] Shadowed kind names are not shadowed in try phrases (graham) - closed.
- 0001102: [Kinds and type checking] Problem message about missing default value for property has no source text pointer (graham) - closed.
- 0001106: [Relations] Callings accepted after kind arguments (graham) - closed.
- 0001107: [Kinds and type checking] Type violation caused by a calling in a failed condition (graham) - closed.
- 0001112: [Actions] Opening a closed object containing only a scenery object results in an ungrammatical "revealing" message. (graham) - closed.
- 0001115: [Kinds and type checking] Naming a property after an existing kind causes the standard rules to produce errors. (graham) - closed.
- 0001118: [Spacing and printing] Constant NO_SCORE in generated Inform 6 (graham) - closed.
- 0001126: [Extensions] NI silently rejects header mismatch in replacing an extension's header when it is subordinate to another replacement (graham) - closed.
- 0001128: [Spacing and printing] "[The X]" on proper-named assembly with owning object having a printed name property results in "Programming error" (graham) - closed.
- 0001134: [Understanding] Disambiguation does not always exempt "person, foo" commands (graham) - closed.
- 0001141: [Rules and rulebooks] Naming a rule without "the", error message blames when/while clause (graham) - closed.
- 0001142: [Assertions and creations] "The player has a property" always refers to the default player character, even if the player is really someone else (graham) - closed.
- 0001148: [Rules and rulebooks] A region as the noun in a rule preamble is compiled to a TestRegionalContainment call rather than an equality test (graham) - closed.
- 0001150: [Phrases and functional programming] "list the contents of" phrase missing CFIRSTART_BIT option (graham) - closed.
- 0001155: [Properties] using any indefinite article in a rule for printing the name for a thing overrides the thing's own indefinite article (graham) - closed.
- 0001156: [Assertions and creations] Declaring a kind "always improper-named" can cause errors (graham) - closed.
- 0001159: [Actions] The syntax for writing rules with excepted actions is prone to misinterpretation by ni (graham) - closed.
- 0001164: [Model world] NPCs cannot touch doors or their parts when on the other side of them from the player (graham) - closed.
- 0001168: [Model world] Incorrect touchability results for specific circumstance of nested supporters/containers (graham) - closed.
- 0001169: [Spacing and printing] relations command generates programming error with printed name property on assembled object (graham) - closed.
- 0001171: [Spacing and printing] HimHerItself prints ``theirselves'' rather than ``themselves'' (graham) - closed.
- 0001190: [Actions] Reference to action name in a To Decide phrase cases compilation to fail (graham) - closed.
- 0001192: [Kinds and type checking] Definition applying to kind of value references nonexistent local (graham) - closed.
- 0001193: [Assertions and creations] Parts of assemblies without names are not implicitly named. (graham) - closed.
- 0001195: [Tables] Cannot blank out entries using a "corresponding to" phrase. (graham) - closed.
- 0001196: [Releasing, bibliographic data, cBlorb] ni emits a ``release to'' directive in the blurb, even when not passed the -release flag (graham) - closed.
- 0001204: [Understanding] compiler accepts two "[things]" token in one understand line, but these cannot be processed (graham) - closed.
- 0001205: [Source text and punctuation] Inform detects [] but points to the wrong error line (graham) - closed.
- 0001215: [Glulx issues (files, figures, sounds)] Update infglk.h in Glulx.i6t (graham) - closed.
- 0001216: [Testing commands] Generated uses of parser_trace should be under #ifdef DEBUG (graham) - closed.
- 0001217: [Source text and punctuation] "The action of the yourself waiting" cannot be put in a stored action global variable (graham) - closed.
- 0001219: [Kinds and type checking] Internal error when declaring a variable beginning with “in” (graham) - closed.
- 0001220: [Assertions and creations] Misleading problem messages when if phrases are used outside of rules. (graham) - closed.
- 0001222: [Tables] Table with a (text) gives odd error (graham) - closed.
[374 issues]

Core Inform - 6G60 (Released 2010-12-23) View Issues ]
<br />This release of Inform leaves the core language unchanged, except for the correction of a small number of bugs, and its main purpose is to provide an improved Index. Better maps are drawn on the World Index, and there's more detail across several other pages.<br /><br />- 0000350: [Rules and rulebooks] Attempting to rearrange rules during play results in a misleading error (graham) - closed.
- 0000351: [Releasing, bibliographic data, cBlorb] EPS map created incorrectly with nonstandard directions (graham) - closed.
- 0000363: [Indexing] Index indicates that kinds are kinds of themselves (graham) - closed.
- 0000370: [Extensions] Word limit is long enough for English, not long enough for the web... (graham) - closed.
- 0000371: [Indexing] Regions drawn incorrectly in World Index (graham) - closed.
- 0000372: [Model world] "Game is now in its normal 'brief' printing mode" even when that's not normal (graham) - closed.
- 0000373: [Source text and punctuation] Internal error when "rather" is incorrectly bracketed in a Definition (graham) - closed.
- 0000375: [Assertions and creations] Near-infinite series of unhelpful error messages before an explanation of the problem (graham) - closed.
- 0000381: [Source text and punctuation] Confusing error in response to a particular kind of missing semicolon (graham) - closed.
- 0000383: [Spacing and printing] "say N in words" says million instead of billion (graham) - closed.
- 0000390: [Properties] Misleading error when giving properties to an action name (and some other types) (graham) - closed.
- 0000397: [Assertions and creations] abject failure: "A person has a person called the surrogate. The surrogate of the player is the player." (graham) - closed.
- 0000395: [Indexing] New "to be..." relation verbs missing from phrasebook, and not permitted passive voice (graham) - closed.
- 0000398: [Rules and rulebooks] Code Block Underflow in Chapter 22/Stack Frames.w from single-line "else if" (graham) - closed.
- 0000400: [Source text and punctuation] to say ¶ gives error message about what the IDE(?) expanded the pilcrow to (graham) - closed.
- 0000404: [Activities] Attempting to use a description in deciding the scope activity results in abject failure (graham) - closed.
- 0000405: [Actions] Action names composed of multiple words cause the game to reject rules about these actions when they specify an actor. (graham) - closed.
- 0000415: [Scenes] Compiler crashes with code 11 when interlinking scenes with external conditions (graham) - closed.
- 0000432: [Model world] "3-sided door" problem message does not provide source code link (graham) - closed.
- 0000467: [Model world] Runtime problem refers to the player-character kind, which no longer exists (graham) - closed.
- 0000468: [Actions] Current action had been some action causes internal error (graham) - closed.
- 0000494: [Indexing] Massive CPU and memory usage when rooms in index map are positioned self-referentially - closed.
[22 issues]

Core Inform - 6F95 (Released 2010-10-25) View Issues ]
<br />This maintenance release fixes every core Inform issue logged on the Inform bug tracker up to 25 Oct 2010, which means that it resolves around 180 issues; this change log lists most of them, but omits a few which were simple corrections of typos, and of course doesn't list the small number of issues closed as being misunderstandings. Though there are no significant new features, two additional resources have been added to the core Inform distribution: Andrew Plotkin's Quixe interpreter, allowing Glulx story files to be released as playable websites (something up to now allowed only for Z-machine story files); and Eric Eve's extension "Epistemology", which joins the built-in set for the first time.<br /><br />- 0000346: [Kinds and type checking] Cyclic inheritance is not detected (graham) - closed.
- 0000129: [Kinds and type checking] Missing run-time type check assigning from a supertype to a subtype (graham) - closed.
- 0000325: [Understanding] Can't use adjectives to limit understood values (graham) - closed.
- 0000324: [Lists] Local variables declared in a branch remain in scope after that branch (graham) - closed.
- 0000348: [Actions] WI does not mention that the thing in actions ``applying to one topic and one thing'' is the second noun, not the first (graham) - closed.
- 0000109: [Assertions and creations] Creating an object with the opposite of a comparative adjective compiles but doesn't work (graham) - closed.
- 0000124: [Properties] Defining a property of an individual value (not object) is allowed but doesn't work (graham) - closed.
- 0000335: [Kinds and type checking] Internal error when a description of non-objects passed as parameter into decide phrase. (graham) - closed.
- 0000336: [Rules and rulebooks] Rule fails to set the I6 variable ``self,'' despite the fact that it has a reference to a ``something'' (graham) - closed.
- 0000337: [Scenes] Internal error when declaring a begin/end condition for a scene variable (graham) - closed.
- 0000339: [Kinds and type checking] Setting a usual property of a kind breaks the parse tree (graham) - closed.
- 0000340: [Properties] Error message seems contradictory in context (graham) - closed.
- 0000341: [Kinds and type checking] Kinds of kinds seem to be allowed, but excess occurrences of ``kind of'' are ignored. (graham) - closed.
- 0000342: [Phrases and functional programming] Phrases may contains parenthetical expressions that do not describe their arguments (graham) - closed.
- 0000343: [Kinds and type checking] Modifiers are unexpectedly allowed in sentences arranging the type hierarchy (graham) - closed.
- 0000160: [Relations] "the _ which _ relates to by _" and related phrases don't work with static relations (graham) - closed.
- 0000349: [Kinds and type checking] Illusion of multiple inheritance results in halfway-disappearing objects (graham) - closed.
- 0000354: [Rules and rulebooks] I6 error when using backslash in a rule condition (graham) - closed.
- 0000162: [Understanding] names that should be understood sometimes aren't, especially in disambiguation requests (graham) - closed.
- 0000169: [Relations] Global dynamic relations larger than 32 words are easily corrupted (graham) - closed.
- 0000191: [Understanding] Inconsistent clarification for ambiguous noun references (graham) - closed.
- 0000192: [Understanding] Commands that match except for the kind of the noun provoke visibility errors from the parser (graham) - closed.
- 0000207: [Understanding] Wrong parser error when an unrecognized noun begins with a pronoun (graham) - closed.
- 0000280: [Understanding] Using multiple synonym words not parsed when they're slash-separated in Understand rule (graham) - closed.
- 0000282: [Understanding] Trying to abort disambiguation in response to a command to someone, by using another command to someone fails. (graham) - closed.
- 0000292: [Understanding] "[something visible]" doesn't match on the turn after entering a room (graham) - closed.
- 0000303: [Actions] Incomplete line is printed when examing a supporter with only undescribed objects (graham) - closed.
- 0000321: [Actions] Two-noun actions with "that" as preposition can't be in a kind-of-action (graham) - closed.
- 0000322: [Rules and rulebooks] Rule-ordering weirdness (graham) - closed.
- 0000327: [Equations, units, arithmetic] Value check failure leads to an internal error instead of a warning (graham) - closed.
- 0000328: [Equations, units, arithmetic] Pluralization of 0 uses singular instead of plural. (graham) - closed.
- 0000329: [Properties] Indexed text properties of objects created by tables do not work properly (graham) - closed.
- 0000331: [Properties] The ``provides property'' predicates is always false when applied to values within a quantifier (graham) - closed.
- 0000332: [Assertions and creations] Standard Rules' definition of command prompt unnecessarily restrictive (graham) - closed.
- 0000333: [Assertions and creations] "Foo is never 5" prevents the variable's value from being initialized at all (graham) - closed.
- 0000345: [Phrases and functional programming] Quotations are allowed in phrase names (graham) - closed.
- 0000126: [Phrases and functional programming] Paste icon missing from phrasebook (graham) - closed.
- 0000132: [Extensions] Paste button breaks quoted paragraph breaks in extension examples (graham) - closed.
- 0000205: [Extensions] The paste icon in extension's examples don't paste the (- I6 inclusion operator correctly. (graham) - closed.
- 0000220: [Rules and rulebooks] Compiler trying to handle an error, blames the user for something it wrote itself. (graham) - closed.
- 0000225: [Extensions] Spaces added to punctuation in extension documentation HTML (graham) - closed.
- 0000247: [Relations] Most relations involving values produce run-time problems when used as conditions (graham) - closed.
- 0000286: [Actions] "Praying is an action out of world applying to one topic with past participle prayed." (graham) - closed.
- 0000290: [Releasing, bibliographic data, cBlorb] cBlorb creates badly-formed StatusCblorb.html when story title contains an apostrophe (graham) - closed.
- 0000304: [Tables] Nested loops with tables can break, causing runtime errors (graham) - closed.
- 0000305: [Releasing, bibliographic data, cBlorb] Inconsistency in handling misformatted text-with-substitutions when releasing along with the source text (graham) - closed.
- 0000308: [Spacing and printing] Inform mentions a nonexistent comma in the error for an empty substitution (graham) - closed.
- 0000309: [Indexing] during clauses are not displayed in the action index (graham) - closed.
- 0000311: [Phrases and functional programming] Phrases with tables and too many local variables cause I6 errors (graham) - closed.
- 0000314: [Phrases and functional programming] "let" can be used on Repeat's variable, without Problem message (graham) - closed.
- 0000319: [Equations, units, arithmetic] Checking a truth state fails (via "whether or not") (graham) - closed.
- 0000080: [Relations] Untyped relations are allowed but can't be used safely (graham) - closed.
- 0000177: [Actions] using action variables in past tense causes run-time errors (graham) - closed.
- 0000306: [Actions] Cannot use action-local KOV variable in rule header with "an actor" (graham) - closed.
- 0000095: [Relations] Static symmetric one-to-one relations of values are created as asymmetric (with solution) (graham) - closed.
- 0000096: [Relations] Text used with the "relates" verb is not converted to indexed text when necessary (graham) - closed.
- 0000103: [Relations] Static relations of lists are created with the wrong type (graham) - closed.
- 0000108: [Lists] Comparing a list with a constant empty list always gives a negative result (graham) - closed.
- 0000114: [Activities] Bad results and runtime errors from [one of]...[in random order] on Z-code (with solution?) (graham) - closed.
- 0000125: [Rules and rulebooks] Rules naming an action are considered less specific than "doing something" rules (graham) - closed.
- 0000137: [Lists] Multi-level lists of indexed text are not initialised correctly (graham) - closed.
- 0000138: [Assertions and creations] Object names starting with a reserved name are allowed but can't be used in phrases (graham) - closed.
- 0000139: [Assertions and creations] I7 initialization of "translates to I6" variable silently fails. (graham) - closed.
- 0000157: [Relations] Can't refer to block type values in conditions involving implicit searches (graham) - closed.
- 0000158: [Relations] Can't refer to block type values in the past tense (graham) - closed.
- 0000161: [Headings] Sections with quote marks in the heading can't be replaced (graham) - closed.
- 0000167: [Extensions] Link to extension docs in phrase problem message uses the wrong capitalization for author and extension names (graham) - closed.
- 0000172: [Understanding] Odd problem message when trying to understand values matching a description (graham) - closed.
- 0000173: [Kinds and type checking] Descriptions of values with subordinate clauses lose their types (graham) - closed.
- 0000176: [Rules and rulebooks] Can't use a bare kind of value after action name in rule preamble (graham) - closed.
- 0000179: [Rules and rulebooks] anonymously abide doesn't do what it says on the tin (graham) - closed.
- 0000181: [Phrases and functional programming] "Now X is Y" fails to parse correctly when asked to infer the object to which a property belongs (graham) - closed.
- 0000185: [Relations] Multi-word verbs are not recognised in forms using an auxiliary (graham) - closed.
- 0000186: [Phrases and functional programming] Use of indexed text not recognised when accessed only through a pointer in an indirectly called phrase (graham) - closed.
- 0000187: [Scenes] Game produces a nonrunning version when a scene begins based on a room "enclosing" a player (graham) - closed.
- 0000188: [Tables] Table cannot start out completely empty when type is indicated in parentheses (graham) - closed.
- 0000195: [Assertions and creations] Unnamed rooms cannot be referred to with ``here'' when they are declared with a property. (graham) - closed.
- 0000196: [Spacing and printing] Closed, empty, light-providing containers don't respect ``Use the serial comma'' (graham) - closed.
- 0000202: [Model world] Unset variable in WriteAfterEntry() (graham) - closed.
- 0000208: [Actions] "Throwing it at" and "putting it on" both claim the syntax "drop [something] on/onto [something]" (graham) - closed.
- 0000216: [Source text and punctuation] UNDO on first turn results in misleading message (graham) - closed.
- 0000217: [Extensions] Segmentation fault in ni triggered by lengthy extension documentation (graham) - closed.
- 0000221: [Lists] Creating lists of generic table columns is impossible (graham) - closed.
- 0000222: [Tables] Declaring the type of a local to be table column causes an error about an empty list literal (graham) - closed.
- 0000228: [Tables] A Programming error is triggered when checking if there is a corresponding entry in an empty table name (graham) - closed.
- 0000229: [Phrases and functional programming] Phrases with two words beginning with "end" can't be used in pythonesque blocks (graham) - closed.
- 0000230: [Extensions] The warning on the installed extensions page implies that extensions' filenames cannot end in .i7x (graham) - closed.
- 0000248: [Rules and rulebooks] Using "an object (called O)" in the heading of an object based rulebook's rule causes a compilation error (graham) - closed.
- 0000254: [Rules and rulebooks] RTP occurs when trying to access/modify variable of a nothing based rulebook (graham) - closed.
- 0000264: [Rules and rulebooks] Can and cannot "follow the x rules" depending on whether x has been declared with "the x rules" or "the x rulebook" (graham) - closed.
- 0000276: [Assertions and creations] Can't use a variable named target (emshort) - closed.
- 0000277: [Phrases and functional programming] Two bugs about ( and \ being interpreted as regex characters in the phrase 'replace the text x in y with z' (graham) - closed.
- 0000278: [Rules and rulebooks] Sometimes the player's holdall is referred to as "nothing." (graham) - closed.
- 0000279: [Indexing] "Typed commands leading to this action" doesn't list "[any room]" or similar (graham) - closed.
- 0000281: [Releasing, bibliographic data, cBlorb] Apostrophe in the story title break auto-generated play.html (curiousdannii) - closed.
- 0000287: [Properties] Unchecked access to properties not supported by a kind (graham) - closed.
- 0000289: [Activities] Misleading problem message on forgetting the "something" when defining a new activity (graham) - closed.
- 0000293: [Lists] Substitutions in list of indexed texts cause compiler problems. (graham) - closed.
- 0000294: [Scenes] scene cannot trigger itself (graham) - closed.
- 0000302: [Kinds and type checking] Changing printed name to an indexed text causes interpreter crash (jmcgrew) - closed.
- 0000100: [Releasing, bibliographic data, cBlorb] Releasing source text causes the "heading" span tags to be misplaced. (graham) - closed.
- 0000119: [Phrases and functional programming] Descriptions of numbers don't work when applied to negative numbers (graham) - closed.
- 0000134: [Assertions and creations] conditions with multiple "when" don't work anymore (graham) - closed.
- 0000147: [Indexing] In Contents Index, "the X understood" are split into 2 sections (graham) - closed.
- 0000148: [Indexing] Heading phrases like (for use with Conversation Framework by Eric Eve) inconsistent within index (graham) - closed.
- 0000149: [Indexing] When a relation appears in Contents Index "#/bytes", with garbled characters instead of a name (graham) - closed.
- 0000168: [Phrases and functional programming] Incorrectly identifying error as deprecated syntax in Standard Rules (graham) - closed.
- 0000174: [Assertions and creations] Sounds/figures/external files can be created implicitly by assertions (graham) - closed.
- 0000180: [Releasing, bibliographic data, cBlorb] Tables in Source Text are not displayed properly (graham) - closed.
- 0000183: [Source text and punctuation] Inform blames the story title for an undeclared object in (+ .. +), or, if there is no title, it crashes. (graham) - closed.
- 0000184: [Kinds and type checking] Some uncaught errors involving the use of the 'action' kind of value (graham) - closed.
- 0000189: [Tables] I6 error when defining too many block-type table entries (or globals) on Z-code (graham) - closed.
- 0000193: [Actions] Internal error on statically defined stored actions involving block type values (graham) - closed.
- 0000194: [Spacing and printing] Text substitutions [is-are a/the/- list of ...] print "nothing" instead of "is nothing" for empty lists (graham) - closed.
- 0000209: [Assertions and creations] Failing to make all parts of a kind kinds themselves, generates unclear compile errors. (graham) - closed.
- 0000218: [Assertions and creations] Contradiction message fails to account for the underlying cause (graham) - closed.
- 0000223: [Releasing, bibliographic data, cBlorb] Website release creates incorrect image links. (graham) - closed.
- 0000224: [Lists] Figures having "with" in their names are interpreted as objects in lists of figures (graham) - closed.
- 0000231: [Headings] Otherwise hidden HTML tags are visible if they appear in the game's title (graham) - closed.
- 0000236: [Understanding] Understanding as nothing causes an assertion violation (graham) - closed.
- 0000237: [Assertions and creations] Missing word ``to'' in error message (graham) - closed.
- 0000241: [Relations] Relating something to "nothing" causes a Code 10 compiler crash. (graham) - closed.
- 0000255: [Indexing] Index error on the regional-containment relation (graham) - closed.
- 0000258: [Releasing, bibliographic data, cBlorb] Released web source had duplicated index when a footnote occurs in the prefatory lines (with solution) (graham) - closed.
[124 issues]

Core Inform - 6E72 (Released 2010-07-01) View Issues ]
<br />This is a maintenance release, fixing numerous bugs but adding no new functionality.<br /><br />- 0000105: [Phrases and functional programming] Phrases applying only to specific values don't work for some KOVs (graham) - closed.
- 0000072: [Rules and rulebooks] Block-type values produced by rulebooks are not handled correctly (graham) - closed.
- 0000058: [Source text and punctuation] Leading/trailing apostrophes can't be used in story title (graham) - closed.
- 0000146: [Releasing, bibliographic data, cBlorb] Single-page source websites show "page 1 of 0" (graham) - closed.
- 0000038: [Model world] Bad output from examining enterable supporter (emshort) - closed.
- 0000076: [Tables] Self-referential constant lists don't work in tables defining a kind of value (graham) - closed.
- 0000040: [Releasing, bibliographic data, cBlorb] Parchment play-in-browser page hangs in Chrome browser (curiousdannii) - closed.
- 0000102: [Kinds and type checking] Long-form definitions forget their argument types (graham) - closed.
- 0000104: [Relations] Can't test one-to-one relations of values directly (graham) - closed.
- 0000107: [Phrases and functional programming] Phrase references used as cases in switch blocks lose their types (graham) - closed.
- 0000110: [Phrases and functional programming] invoking a phrase that begins with a number doesn't compile unless number is spelled out (graham) - closed.
- 0000111: [Phrases and functional programming] Wording descriptions of phrase arguments with ``that is'' leads to an ICE (graham) - closed.
- 0000116: [Extensions] "unindexed" does not prevent advertising variables in documentation (graham) - closed.
- 0000117: [Properties] A room is not accepted as property if it is created through a direction (graham) - closed.
- 0000130: [Assertions and creations] When the starting location is mistaken for a direction, the error message says a statement contradicts itself (graham) - closed.
- 0000142: [Indexing] Lone hyphen messes up index's phrasebook (graham) - closed.
- 0000143: [Rules and rulebooks] Crash on rule with name containing parentheses (graham) - closed.
- 0000032: [Phrases and functional programming] Testing "if the player was on the holder of the player" always returns true during the first turn (graham) - closed.
- 0000037: [Properties] An unamed value property (given the same name as the kind of value) cannot be used with "provides the property" conditional (graham) - closed.
- 0000079: [Model world] "[a list of ...]" lists the wrong objects when kind negation is involved (graham) - closed.
- 0000082: [Properties] Well-defined adjectives depending on a truth state property fail if the adjective is one word (graham) - closed.
- 0000083: [Phrases and functional programming] ICE deciding on nothing (which should never be done anyway) outside a phrase to decide a value (graham) - closed.
- 0000085: [Phrases and functional programming] Invoking a phrase that cannot be applied unambiguously changes the errors emitted (graham) - closed.
- 0000087: [Phrases and functional programming] There is no line number when a phrase's implicit return cannot find a default value (graham) - closed.
- 0000098: [Extensions] Section replacements suppress extension versioning errors (graham) - closed.
- 0000099: [Phrases and functional programming] Cannot move backdrops to regions with "now" (graham) - closed.
- 0000112: [Assertions and creations] Compiler crashes with code 10 when table defines an object that exists in another context (graham) - closed.
- 0000141: [Relations] "internal error -- too late now to defer propositions" from generalized conditional relations (graham) - closed.
- 0000041: [Relations] Relations of values which involve a property don't work (graham) - closed.
- 0000042: [Relations] Equivalence relations of values don't work (with solution) (graham) - closed.
- 0000043: [Relations] Confusion between one-to-various and various-to-various relations (graham) - closed.
- 0000044: [Kinds and type checking] Lack of type checking in arithmetic phrases (graham) - closed.
- 0000045: [Source text and punctuation] Can't use two constant lists in the same phrase in some cases (graham) - closed.
- 0000046: [Assertions and creations] Compiler hangs on faulty assertion about values (graham) - closed.
- 0000039: [Model world] Using the word "scene" in a room name causes compiler error (graham) - closed.
- 0000049: [Relations] Can't statically store relations of values in variables (graham) - closed.
- 0000050: [Kinds and type checking] (Dis)allowing descriptions of kinds more specific than objects (graham) - closed.
- 0000051: [Headings] Missing paragraph break between problem messages from different headings (graham) - closed.
- 0000054: [Indexing] seven minor scene index quibbles (graham) - closed.
- 0000057: [Rules and rulebooks] Requesting an actor to end the story results in an ``unable to do that'' message. (graham) - closed.
- 0000059: [Relations] Relations between numbers generate unused properties (graham) - closed.
- 0000061: [Indexing] Kinds Index shows incorrect default values for either-or properties (graham) - closed.
- 0000063: [Extensions] Installing a poorly named extension causes all projects to fail compilation with a cryptic error (graham) - closed.
- 0000033: [Phrases and functional programming] To say phrases with text as variables can't be called (graham) - closed.
- 0000035: [Properties] Plural creation of properties silently fails. (graham) - closed.
- 0000064: [Extensions] Generalized conditions in text containing line breaks can cause I6 errors (graham) - closed.
- 0000070: [Rules and rulebooks] Programming error appears at the start of the game in response to rulebook with two list variables (graham) - closed.
- 0000071: [Rules and rulebooks] Phrases to invoke value-producing rulebooks don't work with certain kinds of values (graham) - closed.
- 0000074: [Lists] Lists of more than 127 entries produce a compiler error (graham) - closed.
- 0000075: [Rules and rulebooks] "Last scene changing rule" isn't. (graham) - closed.
- 0000077: [Scenes] explicit listing a rule after "scene change machinery rule" works but never runs. (with solution?) - closed.
[51 issues]

Core Inform - 6E59 (re-release) (Released 2010-06-17) View Issues ]
<br />The Windows version of 6E59 was re-released, without changing the version number, to resolve a critical issue.<br /><br />- 0000036: [Assertions and creations] Code 10 error from creating too many duplicate objects (graham) - closed.
[1 issue]

Documentation, Examples, and Web Site - Change Log

Documentation, Examples, and Web Site - 6L02 (Released 2014-05-07) View Issues ]
- 0000495: [IDE Error Pages] Typo on insufficient memory error page (graham) - closed.
- 0000499: [Writing with Inform] Section 25.21 should say something about how to declare new I6 variables (graham) - closed.
- 0000503: [ Site] Disambiguation Control Documentation Page is Missing (404) (markm) - closed.
- 0000508: [Writing with Inform] The method for choosing the default starting room is not well-documented (graham) - closed.
- 0000518: [Writing with Inform] Wrong variable referred to in section 21.5 (graham) - closed.
- 0000519: [ Site] Smarter Parser Documentation Page is Missing (jmcgrew) - closed.
- 0000520: [Writing with Inform] Missing detail in Section 2.6 (graham) - closed.
- 0000530: [Writing with Inform] Error in section 8.7 (graham) - closed.
- 0000552: [Writing with Inform] Chapter 4.13 (Duplicates) seems to be out of date (graham) - closed.
- 0000558: [Examples] Example 193, "3 AM", illustrates the creation, but not the use of a custom past participle (graham) - closed.
- 0000566: [Writing with Inform] Missing word in source snippet of WI 7.7 (graham) - closed.
- 0000607: [Writing with Inform] Error in description of [close bracket] in 5.2 How Inform reads quoted text (graham) - closed.
- 0000608: [The Recipe Book] Changes to verbosity defaults invalidate §6.4 and the example 'Verbosity 1' (emshort) - closed.
- 0000631: [Writing with Inform] Inform misinterprets legal I6 code as end of I6 inclusion (graham) - closed.
- 0000663: [Writing with Inform] WI 17.26 refers to nonexistent "printing a paragraph about" activity (graham) - closed.
- 0000672: [ Site] Directional Facing extension cannot be downloaded via iXu (jmcgrew) - closed.
- 0000679: [ Site] Website has outdated version of example 350 (graham) - closed.
- 0000687: [Examples] In Disenchantment Bay 12, a beverage is "openable" but open does not work on it (emshort) - closed.
- 0000689: [Examples] Hatless 3 example leaves one character hatless (emshort) - closed.
- 0000697: [Examples] The baggage carousel is not fixed in place in Example 427: Circle of Misery (emshort) - closed.
- 0000701: [Examples] Example 226 ("Four Cheeses", WI 13.6) contains non-reachable rule (emshort) - closed.
- 0000705: [Writing with Inform] Manual (3.17) incorrectly states that people can be "male, female, or neuter", (graham) - closed.
- 0000720: [Examples] Lanista 2 causes run-time error upon player death (emshort) - closed.
- 0000721: [Examples] Ex. 263, "Odyssey," may interfere with any other every turn rules that are added (emshort) - closed.
- 0000742: [Writing with Inform] Skein Tutorial is missing paragraphs for Linux (graham) - closed.
- 0000748: [Writing with Inform] 25.18. "Longer extracts of Inform 6 code" warns of a problem that was already fixed? (graham) - closed.
- 0000749: [Writing with Inform] Documentation doesn't state that clarifying the parser's choice activity only runs for certain actions (graham) - closed.
- 0000755: [ Site] Appendix B's description of MoveWord() implies incorrect parameter type (graham) - closed.
- 0000774: [Bug Tracker Site] OS X 10.7 is not an option in the "Select Profile" menu (EmacsUser) - closed.
- 0000780: [ Site] The main web site is down (Django error) (markm) - closed.
- 0000785: [Writing with Inform] The documentation references outdated syntax. (graham) - closed.
- 0000789: [Writing with Inform] The documentation is wrong about the "deciding the scope of" activity. (graham) - closed.
- 0000805: [The Recipe Book] The Recipe Book claims brief mode is on by default (graham) - closed.
- 0000815: [Writing with Inform] The pastable inline example in WI 11.11 does not compile (graham) - closed.
- 0000816: [Writing with Inform] The second inline example in WI 17.24 does not compile (graham) - closed.
- 0000822: [IDE Error Pages] Typo in IDE page for runtime problem 47 (graham) - closed.
- 0000875: [Writing with Inform] If there is a rule for deciding the concealed possessions, all possessions default to concealed (graham) - closed.
- 0000881: [Writing with Inform] 13.13. Relations involving values (graham) - closed.
- 0000948: [Writing with Inform] Request to increase the clarity of documentation in 16.21 (graham) - closed.
- 0000964: [Writing with Inform] WI 12.6 should explain that, in contrast with orders and WI 12.5, unsuccessful spontaneous actions print nothing for failure (graham) - closed.
- 0000989: [Bug Tracker Site] Additional categories desirable for Inform6 projects (graham) - closed.
- 0000996: [Writing with Inform] WI 22.7 says that sounds are only supported under Glulx, though they are accepted for the Z machine (graham) - closed.
- 0001022: [Writing with Inform] section 19.5 (matching and exactly matching) contains an ungrammatical example (graham) - closed.
- 0001027: [Writing with Inform] Section 19.6 is confusing about the role of square brackets in regular expressions (graham) - closed.
- 0001030: [Writing with Inform] "16.1. Understand" clashes with "17.30. Supplying a missing noun/second noun" (graham) - closed.
- 0001043: [Writing with Inform] Inline example code from WI 18.12 does not compile (graham) - closed.
- 0001053: [Examples] Several examples use procedural rules (graham) - closed.
- 0001055: [Examples] In example 345, "Low Light", the shadow can be picked up with "take all" even if invisible (graham) - closed.
- 0001058: [Writing with Inform] WI 20.11 is misleading about allowable kinds (graham) - closed.
- 0001082: [Writing with Inform] Match given for regular expression is incorrect. (graham) - closed.
- 0001140: [Writing with Inform] Explanation For Map Connection Phrase Is Incorrect. (graham) - closed.
- 0001146: [Examples] 9.11 - Example 143 - Unnatural change in hunger resumes event (emshort) - closed.
- 0001176: [Examples] The light-filled test in "Unblinking" does not remove the light-meter from play if light is found. (graham) - closed.
- 0001180: [Writing with Inform] WI 18.4 is unclear as to how "listed before" declarations handle rules that are tied with respect to specificity (graham) - closed.
- 0001182: [Writing with Inform] WI 23.12 includes cases for OS X and Windows, but not Linux (graham) - closed.
- 0001186: [Writing with Inform] WI 9.14 seems to contradict 0001081:0002369 (graham) - closed.
- 0001194: [Writing with Inform] if handling activity docs need clarity (graham) - closed.
- 0001198: [Writing with Inform] WI 22.12 unclear about saving multiple tables to file. (graham) - closed.
- 0001202: [Examples] Ex 121 mentions 'change the player to' but never use it. (emshort) - closed.
- 0001208: [Writing with Inform] Repeat with precomputes the next iteration's value and is sometimes unsafe (graham) - closed.
- 0001211: [Writing with Inform] "Rules all" is in the "what's new in inform 5z.71" (26.3) but not described. (graham) - closed.
- 0001212: [Writing with Inform] PURLOIN in example 420 is not explained (emshort) - closed.
- 0001225: [Examples] Ex. 348, "Copper River," contains an is-are applied to a list (graham) - closed.
[63 issues]

Documentation, Examples, and Web Site - 6F95 (Released 2010-10-25) View Issues ]
- 0000318: [Writing with Inform] indoc generates incorrect <font> tag in one case (graham) - closed.
- 0000323: [Writing with Inform] No documentation of the "is mapped" terminology (graham) - closed.
- 0000115: [Writing with Inform] request small clarification for "unindexed" word (graham) - closed.
- 0000334: [Writing with Inform] Perhaps a word about EPS, BoundingBox, and PageSize? (graham) - closed.
- 0000152: [Writing with Inform] Confusion about declaring a property in both I6 and I7 (graham) - closed.
- 0000166: [Examples] Interpreter folder missing from Glass example. (graham) - closed.
- 0000211: [Writing with Inform] Mistake in the definition of the back side of a door (emshort) - closed.
- 0000213: [Writing with Inform] Chapter 25.12 has extraneous line breaks (emshort) - closed.
- 0000214: [IDE Error Pages] Description of exit code has redundant wording (graham) - closed.
- 0000232: [Writing with Inform] Incorrect description for "blank out the whole (table column)" (emshort) - closed.
- 0000233: [Writing with Inform] Procedural rules are deprecated but used in examples (emshort) - closed.
- 0000235: [Writing with Inform] Layout problem in "Writing with Inform": no wrap-up of text (graham) - closed.
- 0000238: [Writing with Inform] Restrictions on initials in extension author names are not clear from WI 25.3 (emshort) - closed.
- 0000239: [Writing with Inform] Small mistake in "replace punctuated word number" sample (emshort) - closed.
- 0000240: [Writing with Inform] Bug reporting instructions in WI 2.15 are out-of-date (emshort) - closed.
- 0000242: [Writing with Inform] Various typos (emshort) - closed.
- 0000243: [The Recipe Book] Various typos (emshort) - closed.
- 0000244: [Examples] Various typos (emshort) - closed.
- 0000245: [IDE Error Pages] Typo in error message for changing the player to an off-stage character (graham) - closed.
- 0000262: [Writing with Inform] The manual suggests punctuation in understand text would be allowed (emshort) - closed.
- 0000265: [Writing with Inform] Chapter 23 ("Releasing"): more extraneous line breaks (emshort) - closed.
- 0000266: [Writing with Inform] 17.2 gives the wrong explanation for "handling the activity" (emshort) - closed.
- 0000267: [Examples] The note on the test string in example 230, The Unexamined Life, is specific to the Z-machine. (emshort) - closed.
- 0000269: [Writing with Inform] Release documentation doesn't mention the useful public/private keywords. (emshort) - closed.
- 0000271: [Writing with Inform] "New builds of Inform are identified by four-character codes: letter, number, letter, letter." Huh? (emshort) - closed.
- 0000283: [Writing with Inform] The website address in section 2.15 seems incorrect (graham) - closed.
- 0000312: [Writing with Inform] Default behavior of "printing the name" activity is not fully explained (graham) - closed.
[27 issues]

Documentation, Examples, and Web Site - 6E72 (Released 2010-07-01) View Issues ]
<br />This is a maintenance release, fixing numerous bugs but adding no new functionality.<br /><br />- 0000088: [IDE Error Pages] Failed translation suggests that the author e-mail Graham; perhaps it should point to Mantis (graham) - closed.
- 0000078: [Writing with Inform] Minor error in documentation failing to reflect new deprecated phrases (graham) - closed.
- 0000097: [Writing with Inform] Creating kinds via tables is an undocumented feature (graham) - closed.
- 0000068: [Writing with Inform] Syntax boxes for functional phrases (with "->") are formatted incorrectly (graham) - closed.
[4 issues]

All Inform front-end applications - Change Log

All Inform front-end applications - 6M62 (Released 2015-12-24) View Issues ]
- 0001962: [Installation and Platform Issues] Project used on Macintosh now crashes when opened (DavidK) - resolved.
[1 issue]

All Inform front-end applications - 6L02 (Released 2014-05-07) View Issues ]
- 0000504: [User Interface] The order of tabs in the Index is different between platforms. (ahunter) - closed.
[1 issue]

All Inform front-end applications - 6G60 (Released 2010-12-23) View Issues ]
- 0000251: [Installation and Platform Issues] Settings.plist lossily modified between OS X and Windows IDE (pchimento) - closed.
[1 issue]

Gnome Inform application - Change Log

Gnome Inform application - 6L02 (Released 2014-05-07) View Issues ]
- 0000522: [Installing Extensions] In 6.31/6G60, Extensions with "(for Glulx only)" don't install correctly (pchimento) - closed.
- 0000529: [Installation and Platform Issues] 6.31/6G60 Terps report supporting hyperlinks, but don't execute them. (pchimento) - closed.
- 0000600: [Installation and Platform Issues] GConf schemas mysteriously not installed (pchimento) - closed.
- 0000676: [Editing] Find and Replace doesn't work (pchimento) - closed.
- 0000677: [User Interface] Skein Labels are shown in wrong position (pchimento) - closed.
- 0000692: [Installing Extensions] IDE fails to recognize Inform7 extensions when asked to install one (pchimento) - closed.
- 0001210: [Editing] double click on search result kills inform (pchimento) - closed.
[7 issues]

Gnome Inform application - 6G60 (Released 2010-12-23) View Issues ]
- 0000922: [User Interface] Documentation Is Invisible (pchimento) - closed.
[1 issue]

Gnome Inform application - 6F95 (Released 2010-10-25) View Issues ]
- 0000120: [Editing] Elastic tabstops are slow (pchimento) - closed.
[1 issue]

Gnome Inform application - 6E72 (Released 2010-07-06) View Issues ]
- 0000127: [User Interface] Extensions documentation is broken. (pchimento) - closed.
- 0000144: [User Interface] Main window can't be resized smaller than a certain size (pchimento) - closed.
- 0000145: [Installation and Platform Issues] gnome-inform7.schemas not installed properly when installing Ubuntu package (pchimento) - closed.
[3 issues]

Mac OS X Inform application - Change Log

Mac OS X Inform application - 6L02 (Released 2014-05-07) View Issues ]
- 0000667: [Editing] IDE doesn't register changes made while compiling the game (toby) - closed.
[1 issue]

Mac OS X Inform application - 6G60 (Released 2010-12-23) View Issues ]
- 0000711: [Installation and Platform Issues] CocoaGlk dies on OSX 10.7 (Lion) - closed.
- 0000418: [Installation and Platform Issues] Mismatched example numbers (graham) - closed.
[2 issues]

Mac OS X Inform application - 6F95 (Released 2010-10-25) View Issues ]
- 0000092: [User Interface] Open Recent does not work with user extensions (toby) - closed.
- 0000135: [Editing] Mac IDE fails to save extensions with the .i7x file extension (ahunter) - closed.
- 0000296: [User Interface] Help menu links to what looks like an outdated version of the Recipe Book (ahunter) - closed.
- 0000153: [User Interface] Neither game nor index tab is available after successful compile (ahunter) - closed.
- 0000257: [Installation and Platform Issues] Glulx stories crash with Glk error on nested say statements involving indexed text (ahunter) - closed.
- 0000330: [User Interface] Obscure problem message for overflowing Z-machine RAM (ahunter) - closed.
[6 issues]

Mac OS X Inform application - 6E72 (Released 2010-07-01) View Issues ]
- 0000034: [Installing Extensions] Installing extensions from the IDE doesn't update file menu (ahunter) - closed.
- 0000056: [User Interface] Choosing a custom font has no effect. (ahunter) - closed.
- 0000060: [User Interface] Search doesn't consider non-alphabet characters as word boundaries (ahunter) - closed.
- 0000069: [User Interface] Find dialog closes after switching to a different search string (ahunter) - closed.
- 0000133: [User Interface] When getting a compiler error, the index is deleted. Specific to Mac. (graham) - closed.
[5 issues]

Windows Inform application - Change Log

Windows Inform application - 6L02 (Released 2014-05-07) View Issues ]
- 0000659: [Installing Extensions] Extension list limits (DavidK) - closed.
- 0000859: [Editing] Save As during compilation causes Inform 6 to fail (DavidK) - closed.
[2 issues]

Windows Inform application - 6F95 (Released 2010-10-25) View Issues ]
- 0000053: [User Interface] Source code links don't bring the highlighted paragraphs into view (DavidK) - closed.
- 0000234: [Editing] "Renumber all sections" corrupts source text (DavidK) - closed.
[2 issues]

Windows Inform application - 6E72 (Released 2010-07-04) View Issues ]
- 0000052: [Editing] Line break problems when copying text from Windows IDE (DavidK) - closed.
[1 issue]

I6 Library - Change Log

I6 Library - 6/13 (Not Yet Released) View Issues ]
- 0001805: [General] Examining objects in closed transparent containers (DavidG) - resolved.
- 0001806: [General] After rule not being called after putting an object into a container (DavidG) - resolved.
[2 issues]

I6 Library - 6/12 (Not Yet Released) View Issues ]
- 0001854: [General] Multiple groups in item listings (DavidG) - resolved.
- 0001420: [General] Specific complaint about not holding the thing you want to put on a table is missing. (DavidG) - resolved.
- 0001566: [General] Incorrect behavior when taking multiple objects when TRACE is set to 5 (DavidG) - resolved.
- 0001886: [General] Problem with DropSub and ImplicitTake (DavidG) - closed.
- 0001885: [General] Orders to NPC to drop multiple objects not working (DavidG) - closed.
- 0001813: [General] Orders fully parsed by an animate/talkable object's grammar routine are not being delivered to its orders routine. (DavidG) - closed.
- 0001855: [General] The output of the PLACES command has an extra newline after it (DavidG) - closed.
- 0001814: [General] Implicit action notification happens late. (DavidG) - closed.
- 0001803: [General] Spurious '1' emitted after processing PlayerTo() (DavidG) - closed.
- 0001811: [General] Infix ;give command output missing a newline before new prompt (DavidG) - closed.
- 0000963: [General] Multiexcept lookahead (DavidG) - closed.
- 0000980: [General] Conflict between 'describe' and 'initial' properties (DavidG) - closed.
- 0000981: [General] Minor problem with parse_name (DavidG) - closed.
- 0000974: [General] ListMaker doesn't support 'serial' commas (DavidG) - closed.
- 0001170: [General] Missing space (DavidG) - closed.
- 0001166: [General] Entering a closed container (DavidG) - closed.
- 0000975: [General] Inference message inconsistency (DavidG) - closed.
- 0000978: [General] Problem with <action> statements in Infix (DavidG) - closed.
- 0000982: [General] parser_inflection requires common properties in Glulx (DavidG) - closed.
- 0001348: [General] Object that doesn't exist is confused with the player-character (DavidG) - closed.
- 0001349: [General] Library used to say "But you <can't do that>". (DavidG) - closed.
- 0000977: [General] 'multiheld' can match unholdable objects (DavidG) - closed.
- 0000983: [General] OOPS sometimes changes wrong word (DavidG) - closed.
- 0000987: [General] Orders involving creature and special token cause subsequent orders to be treated as answering (DavidG) - closed.
- 0001353: [General] Problems with DROP (DavidG) - closed.
- 0001372: [General] Inappropriate response for ordering an NPC to do something to an object that doesn't catch that verb. (DavidG) - closed.
- 0001374: [General] Attempting to drop an object that's in a box will magically move the object to the parent of the box. (DavidG) - closed.
- 0001375: [General] Giving an object to an NPC when not holding the object and no_implicit_actions == true improperly triggers implicit take (DavidG) - closed.
- 0001379: [General] PUT ALL IN X broken (DavidG) - closed.
- 0001381: [General] (The) and (the) sometimes don't make sense with the new narrative voices (DavidG) - closed.
- 0001384: [General] no_implicit_actions doesn't entirely prevent implicit takes (DavidG) - closed.
- 0001392: [General] 'print (A) thing' inserts an unwanted newline (DavidG) - closed.
- 0001393: [General] In english.h, LanguageLM Take: 13, is missing. (DavidG) - closed.
- 0001394: [General] UpperCase() doesn't translate quite right (DavidG) - closed.
- 0001395: [General] Several actions on the same line are broken (DavidG) - closed.
- 0000976: [General] Numbers in the 'name' property (DavidG) - closed.
- 0001399: [General] keep_silent is being cleared when it's not supposed to (DavidG) - closed.
- 0001350: [General] After switching bodies, interacting with one's former self gets troublesome (DavidG) - closed.
- 0001382: [General] Some functions still aren't yet aware of additional narrative voices (DavidG) - closed.
- 0001383: [General] "TAKE TWO ROCKS" from a pile of many fails (DavidG) - closed.
- 0001391: [General] PAUL, TAKE ALL provokes a cascade of "Paul has better things to do." (DavidG) - closed.
- 0001419: [General] Player can PutOn or Insert an Object when before_implicit == 3 (DavidG) - closed.
- 0001444: [General] Tense error with darkness (DavidG) - closed.
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