Who ya gonna call?

Well... probably not us

Inform is an all-volunteer project: that's why the software is completely free. It has many friends, but isn't a large venture. It's unlikely that any of us will have much time to talk you through difficulties.

Writers of commercial or arts-funded IF sometimes do hire experts in Inform as freelance consultants. But we don't organise that - there is no official paid support programme. If you're seeking someone in particular, please approach him or her directly.

Please do contact us, though, if you find bugs in the Inform software, or if you're having real trouble because of the lack of a particular feature.


Many websites like this one have support forums - online discussion groups where problems and solutions are posted. Inform has chosen not to do this, because it's a tradition of the IF community that we try to meet on common ground, not to divide up into cliques based on different IF languages.

We recommend, a civilised and well-structured forum which is probably the best place to post questions and answers.

You may also like to try the newsgroup

Please be polite, and please remember that these are general discussion areas, and don't exist only to fix confusions about Inform.