Design Papers

How did we get here? Where are we going? This modest page is a home for discussion documents about the design of Inform.

The 2006 White Paper

Natural Language, Semantic Analysis and Interactive Fiction (Graham Nelson, 2005-06) was published alongside the first public beta of Inform 7. Though an interim report it is also a manifesto which remains a fair statement of the project’s ideology. Inform 7 has come along since 2006, of course, so some predictions have been overtaken by events.

Discussion documents

January 2007 document (plain text). After nine months of real-world use, we published a consultation document laying out what we wanted to do next, and what we thought about the many suggestions made to us (many of which we accepted).

April 2009 document (plain text). The last proposals in the 2007 paper were not finally carried through until build 5Z71, in April 2009, and so this seemed an appropriate moment to publish a successor. This tends to discuss more focused and smaller-scale proposals than the original, reflecting the growing maturity of Inform 7, and the growing expertise of the users who put forward suggestions.