Inform is all about writing, which isn't all that visual, but the easiest way to get to know the application is to look over an expert's shoulder.


Photo: Fernando da Sousa

New in Inform for Mac OS X in December 2015

This screencast, by Toby Nelson, shows two new features of Inform for Mac OS X: Extension projects and the redesigned, animated Testing panel, which replaces the old Skein and Transcript.

Welcome Screencast

This screencast, by Aaron Reed, shows how easy it is to begin writing with Inform.

Inform 7 Introductory Screencast from Aaron Reed on Vimeo.

Creative Writers at Work

A QuickTime movie made by Nels Bergquist's 8th grade English class at Langley Middle School. (You can download the movie too - 5MB.)

Time Lapse

If you've watched the screencast, you've already seen the cool, collected Aaron Reed as he begins an Inform project. Here's what the end is like...

Interactive Fiction Time Lapse from Aaron Reed on Vimeo.