Writing with Inform

Chapter 1. 0Welcome to Inform
Chapter 2. 0The Source Text
Chapter 3. 0Things
Chapter 4. 0Kinds
Chapter 5. 0Text
Chapter 6. 0Descriptions
Chapter 7. 0Basic Actions
Chapter 8. 0Change
Chapter 9. 0Time
Chapter 10. Scenes
Chapter 11. Phrases
Chapter 12. Advanced Actions
Chapter 13. Relations
Chapter 14. Numbers and Equations
Chapter 15. Tables
Chapter 16. Understanding
Chapter 17. Activities
Chapter 18. Rulebooks
Chapter 19. Advanced Text
Chapter 20. Lists
Chapter 21. Advanced Phrases
Chapter 22. Figures, Sounds and Files
Chapter 23. Releasing
Chapter 24. Publishing
Chapter 25. Extensions
Chapter 26. What's New in Inform?

Alphabetical Index of Examples
Numerical Index of Examples

The Inform Recipe Book

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