Chapter 8: Vehicles, Animals and Furniture

§8.1. Bicycles, Cars and Boats; §8.2. Ships, Trains and Elevators; §8.3. Animals; §8.4. Furniture; §8.5. Kitchen and Bathroom

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§8.1. Bicycles, Cars and Boats

The vehicle kind in Inform refers to an object which can carry at least one person, but is small enough to fit into a single location:

In the Garden is a vehicle called the motor mower.

We can then apply different rules to a player going somewhere on foot or in the vehicle. Peugeot (a bicycle) is an easy example; No Relation (a car) adds an ignition switch to the vehicle; Straw Boater (a motorboat) gets around areas of lake where travel on foot is not just slower but impossible.

Hover (a sci-fi "hover-bubble") changes the appearance of the landscape when it is seen from inside the vehicle.

* See Ships, Trains and Elevators for larger conveyances

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A journey from one room to another that requires the player to be on a vehicle.

*ExampleNo Relation
A car which must be turned on before it can be driven, and can only go to roads.

**ExampleStraw Boater
Using text properties that apply only to some things and are not defined for others.

Letting the player see a modified room description when he's viewing the place from inside a vehicle.