§1.4. Information Only

One last preliminary: a handful of the examples do not show how to do anything at all, but are really sidebars of information. Those examples are gathered below, since they contribute nothing by way of recipes.

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*ExampleAbout Inform's regular expression support
Some footnotes on Inform's regular expressions, and how they compare to those of other programming languages.

***ExampleFormal syntax of sentences
A more formal description of the sentence grammar used by Inform for both assertions and conditions.

***ExampleMathematical view of relations
Some notes on relations from a mathematical point of view, provided only to clarify some technicalities for those who are interested.

***ExampleGraph-theory view of relations
Some notes on relations from the point of view of graph theory.

***ExampleBackus-Naur form for rules
The full grammar Inform uses to parse rule definitions, in a standard computer-science notation.