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Emily Short

Release 1

"When in Rome 2: Far from Home" by Emily Short.

The story genre is "Science Fiction". The story headline is "A Puzzle Game in Five Brief Episodes". The story is episode 2 of "When in Rome". The story creation year is 2006. The story description is "Manhattan, 1954.

You have just been brought on to do some special work for the Office of Alien Protocol. No one can know the truth -- that there are little green men on Earth. And blue. And purple. Even your mother thinks you've set yourself up as a Private Investigator.

The rest of the secret had better stay between you, your secretary Esther, and your autographed photo of Joe DiMaggio.

When in Rome is designed as a lunchtime game: there are five episodes, each of which may be played to a conclusion within about fifteen minutes, requiring no saves. A player may also try this episode several times if he wishes, as the puzzles are partially randomized."

Use no scoring, the serial comma and American dialect. Use MAX_ARRAYS of 1000. Use MAX_STATIC_DATA of 30000. Use MAX_VERBS of 200. Use MAX_INDIV_PROP_TABLE_SIZE of 20000. Use MAX_SYMBOLS of 8000. Use full-length room descriptions.

Include Basic Screen Effects by Emily Short. Include Menus by Emily Short. Include Basic Help Menu by Emily Short. Include Locksmith by Emily Short.

Release along with cover art, a website, a file of "Summary of Alien Characteristics by Habitat" called "Summary.pdf", and source text.