When in Rome 1: Accounting for Taste — 6 of 31

Emily Short

Release 3

Section 5 - Qualities Inherited From The Home-world

Odor sensitivity is a kind of value. The odor sensitivities are strong, weak, and inverse. A person has an odor sensitivity.

Gravity is a kind of value. The gravities are negligible, fractional, Marslike, Earthlike, and vast. A person has a gravity.

Speed is a kind of value. The speeds are slow, moderate, fast, and lightning. Intelligence is a kind of value. The intelligences are smart and stupid.

Level is a kind of value. The levels are beginner, easy, medium, hard, expert, endgame, and boring. The current level is a level that varies. The current level is beginner.

Moon is a kind of value. The moons are defined by the Table of Alien Characteristics.

Table of Alien Characteristics

moonattitudenostrilsfeed timemassdifficultyarmsdexteritytastebrainsystemtattoo-mark
Lunafriendlyweak12fractionaleasy4moderateearthlystupidLuna"*** -"
Luna-Xhostileweak12fractionalmedium4moderateearthlystupidLuna"***' -"
Deimosfriendlyweak15negligiblemedium2fasttextilesmartMars"**** -"
Phoboshostileweak15negligiblemedium2lightningtextilesmartMars"**** --"
Asteroidshostileweak18negligibleeasy4slowwood-pulpystupidAsteroids"- - -"
Jupitercuriousstrong20vastmedium0lightningtextilestupidJupiter"**** *"
Ganymedecuriousstrong20fractionaleasy2moderateearthlysmartJupiter"**** * -"
Callistocuriousweak20fractionaleasy6moderatewood-pulpystupidJupiter"**** * --"
Iocuriousinverse10negligiblehard2fastwood-pulpysmartJupiter"**** * ---"
Europacuriousstrong20negligibleeasy1fasttextilestupidJupiter"**** * ----"
Saturncuriousstrong25Earthlikehard0lightningtextilestupidSaturn"**** **"
Titancuriousinverse25fractionalexpert2moderatewood-pulpysmartSaturn"**** ** -"
Uranuscuriousinverse30Earthlikemedium0lightningmeatystupidUranus"**** ***"
Oberoncuriousweak30negligibleboring4moderatetextilesmartUranus"**** *** -"
Titaniacuriousweak30negligibleboring4moderatewood-pulpystupidUranus"**** *** --"
Neptunecuriousinverse35Earthlikeexpert0lightningwood-pulpysmartNeptune"**** ****"
Nereidcuriousweak35negligibleeasy2slowtextilesmartNeptune"**** **** -"
Tritoncuriousinverse35negligibleexpert4fastwood-pulpysmartNeptune"**** **** --"
Plutocuriousstrong45negligiblehard2fasttextilestupidPluto"**** *****"
Charoncuriousweak45negligiblehard2fastmeatystupidPluto"**** ***** -"

Definition: a person is tall if it is negligible or it is fractional.

Definition: a person is timid:

if it is meaty, no;

if it is curious and it is stupid and it is fast, yes;


Definition: a person is acquisitive if it is curious and it is stupid and it is moderate.

Definition: a person is contrary if it is hostile and it is stupid.

Definition: a person is homebound:

if it is friendly and it is smart, yes;


Definition: a person is playful:

if it is slothful, no;

if it is hostile, no;

if it is secretive, no;

if it is smart, yes;


Definition: a person is athletic if it passes training.

To decide whether (athlete - a person) passes training:

if the speed of the athlete is less than fast, no;

if athlete is vast, yes;

if athlete is Earthlike, yes;


Definition: a person is slothful:

if it is negligible and it is slow, yes;