When in Rome 1: Accounting for Taste — 30 of 31

Emily Short

Release 3

Chapter 5 - Help System

Table of Hints

"How do I get rid of this beast?"Table of Riddance Hints--hint toggle rule
"I don't understand women."Table of Esther Hints--hint toggle rule

Table of Esther Hints

"Don't worry -- you can talk to her and try to get to know her better, but you're unlikely to shape your relationship one way or the other so early in your acquaintance."a number

Table of Riddance Hints

"You may notice that it eats things." a number
"Is there anything else around like what it wants to eat?"--
"[if the creature is wood-pulpy]Try some of the paper things[otherwise]It seems to like leather and cloth[end if]."--
"Of course, you won't be able to feed it yourself, so you'll need to get the girl to give it things for you."--
"Try GIRL, GIVE [if the creature is wood-pulpy](some paper thing)[otherwise](some textile thing)[end if] TO THE CREATURE."
"Keep doing this until it is fed."
"Have her [if the creature is wood-pulpy]search the trash[otherwise]give it her shoes and your fedora[end if] if you run out of food for it."

When Drinks begins:

choose row 1 in the Table of Hints;

change title entry to "What do I do now?";

change subtable entry to Table of Drink Hints.

Table of Drink Hints

"If you like, you can chat with Esther for another minute or two, perhaps asking her about something you find interesting." a number
"Sooner or later, you're going to need to leave, however."--
"Try OUT."--

When Limo Ride begins:

choose row 1 in the Table of Hints;

change title entry to "How do I get out?";

change subtable entry to Table of Limo Hints.

Table of Limo Hints

"You don't."a number
"Just wait until you get where you're going."--

[When Test begins:

choose row 1 in the Table of Hints;

change title entry to "How do I identify this animal?";

change subtable entry to Table of Test Hints;

choose row 2 in the Table of Hints;

change title entry to "How do I let them know when I'm done?";

change subtable entry to Table of Escape Hints;

Table of Test Hints

hint used

"The paper chart gives you a number of diagnostics." a number

"You may be able to rule out certain arm numbers right away just by looking at the animal." --

"To tell whether it can sense smelly things or not, try offering it something with a pungent odor and seeing how it reacts." --

"Friendly creatures tend to react positively to being petted, while others may be hostile, ticklish, confused, or even frightened." --

"For cloth-eating, try offering it food or observing what it is fed." --

"Reflexes are the trickiest bit: try taking something it's carrying or throwing something at it and see how it responds." --


Table of Escape Hints

"When you decide you know what planet the animal comes from, try SAY (planet). They will hear you. (Shouting also works.)"a number

When play begins:

choose row 1 in the Table of Basic Help Options;

change description entry to "[story description]".

Table of Basic Help Options (continued)

"Credits"--"This episode was beta-tested by Storme Winfield and Josh Giesbrecht; further reports provided by Jesse McGrew. Inform 7 is the work of Graham Nelson, and [story title] was compiled on Andrew Hunter's compiler for Mac OS X."--
"Contacting the Author"--"If you encounter bugs, please feel free to email me (Emily Short) at emshort@mindspring.com. Including a short transcript of the problem you ran into will make it easier for me to diagnose what went wrong, though of course it isn't required."--
"Hints"Table of Hints----