When in Rome 1: Accounting for Taste — 29 of 31

Emily Short

Release 3

Section 3 - More optional events

Refeeding is a scene. Refeeding begins when the current level is easy and refeeding has not happened and Test is happening and the player can see the creature and the creature is starving and the player has been in Foreman's Area for at least two turns. Refeeding ends when time since refeeding began is 1 minute.

When refeeding begins:

change the last feed time of the creature to the turn count;

say "The man in the dark suit slips in. 'Apologies for the interruption,' he says. 'I forgot to feed this critter before letting you get started.'

He offers the animal [if the food of the creature is earthly] a hamburger[otherwise]something [food of the creature][end if], which is instantly consumed. 'That should hold it for a bit,' he says, dusting his hands. 'But don't dawdle.' He goes out again with a friendly salute."

Checking in is a scene. Checking in begins when the current level is easy and checking in has not happened and Test is happening and time since Test began is 5 minutes and the Foreman's Area is not visited. Checking in ends when the time since checking in began is 1 minute.

When checking in begins:

say "The dark-suit man comes in. 'Good evening,' he says. 'Is everything all right? You'll need to, you know--' and he gestures towards the foreman's area just north.

You can't help noticing that the gesturing hand holds a Luger P 08.

He follows your glance. 'This is just for protection,' he says, holstering it with an embarrassed look. 'People sometimes react badly to being kidnapped.' He pulls his suit jacket so that it covers the unsightly weapon.

He turns and goes -- stopping at the doorway. Over his shoulder, he says, 'It's not dangerous either, so don't worry about that.'

On which note, he is gone."