The Reliques of Tolti-Aph — 9 of 57

Graham Nelson

Release 1

Chapter 2 - Magic

Section 2(a) - The phenomenon of magic

A spell character is a kind of value. The spell characters are offensive, defensive, healing and arcana. A valency is a kind of value. The valencies are targeted and untargeted.

A spell is a kind of value. The spells are defined by the Table of Enchantments.[1]

Table of Enchantments

spellnaturecostrequirementemissiontargetingdurationduration timerusage count
detect trapdefensive1air"diffuse blue light"untargeted--a numbera number
memorisearcana3air"a glowing symbol"targeted--
fashion staffarcana2wood"woodpulp"untargeted--
know naturearcana1air"probing rays"targeted--
make sanctuaryarcana8clay"rainbow walls"untargeted--
magelightarcana4wood"flickering white light"untargeted25
mendhealing2flesh"ghostly fingers"targeted--
magic missileoffensive6wood"a fiery red bolt"targeted--
aerial shielddefensive3air"green smoke"untargeted3
silencedefensive4air"a tiny white puff"untargeted2
weboffensive4air"a clingy white thread"targeted--
ward magicdefensive6metal"orange sparks"untargeted--
exorcise undeaddefensive7metal"purest whiteness"untargeted--
dragon sleephealing5flesh"little dancing lights"targeted--
circumvent lockhealing2metal"tendrils of metallic light"targeted--
inner warmthdefensive4wood"reddish glowing"untargeted4
ironbonesdefensive4flesh"red metallic beams"untargeted6
summon elementaloffensive6flesh"blood-red mist"untargeted--

Understand "memorize" as memorise.[2]


[1]. This is the first of several tables which mimic the style of typical RPG manuals. That mimicry makes no difference to the game as it is perceived by the eventual player, but it helps us to write the source text. Spells are going to cost a certain number of strength points to cast, and will come in various categories: some apply to some particular item (the "targeted" ones), others do not. Most need the caster to be holding something of a particular material nature: for instance, "the requirement of magic missile" evaluates to "wood". Note the blank entries given as "--", and the entirely blank columns at the end, which are used for calculations during play.

[2]. For American players who habitually type "-ize" spellings. Note that this is an instruction to Inform that the text "memorize" can refer to the noun "memorise" in anything the player types - it isn't a specification of a command verb, even though it will later turn out that the name of a spell can indeed be used as a command.