The Reliques of Tolti-Aph — 57 of 57

Graham Nelson

Release 1

Chapter the Last - Not for release

When play begins, seed the random-number generator with 1234. [1]

Understand "/ [text]" as commenting on the transcript.[2] Commenting on the transcript is an action out of world applying to a topic. Carry out commenting on the transcript: say "(Noted.)"

Understand "pilfer [spell]" as pilfering. Pilfering is an action applying to one spell. Carry out pilfering: now the player knows the spell understood; say "OK."

Understand "swiggle" as preparing to test. Preparing to test is an action applying to nothing. Carry out preparing to test: now the player knows magic missile; now the player knows make sanctuary; now the player knows mend; move the pack to the player; now the pack is untrapped; move the old pipe to the player; now the player carries the arrow; now the player knows web; now the player knows silence; now the player knows corrode; now the player knows aerial shield; move player to Throne; increase score by 250.

Understand "swoggle" as scanning for materials. Scanning for materials is an action applying to nothing. Carry out scanning for materials: repeat with the lump running through portable things begin; say "[The lump] - [material of the lump]."; end repeat.

Understand "play [any hazard]" as hazard-playing.[3]


[1]. A device used in testing. The trouble with heavily random games is that when faults are reported, it is sometimes all but impossible to recreate the circumstances, because the right combination of random chances never comes up. This option fixes that.

[2]. A notation for play-testers to use. I prefer to be sent transcripts of play rather than bug reports, and this allows testers to type random remarks in as commands, so that they appear in the transcript.

[3]. For testing the Earthquake and Trap hazards in the Maze, which took quite a lot of getting right.