The Reliques of Tolti-Aph — 51 of 57

Graham Nelson

Release 1

Section W(c) - The Goddess and the Snake

The Temple Plaza is west of the thick door. "In the middle of the square stands a colossal statue to the goddess of Water. It was once a proof of the truly astonishing power of the inhabitants of Tolti-Aph: in keeping with the function of its divinity, it was made of clearest glass. But something corrupted it, and now it is disintegrating back into sand. Nonetheless, the walls are still decorated with dedications from her grateful adherents.

To the north is a building marked with the rune symbolizing esoteric knowledge."

The broken arm is scenery in the Temple Plaza. The description is "Vast and inelegant: it is hard to convey a slender wrist and tapering fingers when each fingernail is wider than your head."

The dedications are scenery in the Temple Plaza. The description of the dedications is "Various messages thanking the goddess for purifying wells, sending rain, bringing home cousins thought lost at sea, causing the spoilage of a rival's ale... The usual sort of thing." Understand "walls" as the dedications.

The library building is scenery in the Temple Plaza. Understand "rune" as the library building. The description is "It looks tantalizing." Instead of entering the library building, try going north.

The colossal statue is scenery in the Temple Plaza. Understand "goddess" as the statue. The description is "The head and shoulders are gone, and one giant arm has broken off to lie in the sand. Its surface, too, is rough with particles preparing to slough off." Instead of praying in the presence of the colossal statue, say "She plainly cannot help you now." Effect of casting mend at the colossal statue: record outcome "polishing up the surface a little, but unable to achieve a genuine reconstruction"; rule succeeds.

The copper-scaled snake is a reptile in the Temple Plaza. It is indifferent. "A snake with copper scales coils around one immense glass finger of the goddess." The description of the snake is "It looks faintly aggrieved about something: there is too much intelligence in its eyes for the average reptile." The copper-scaled snake knows corrode. It is metal. Instead of kissing the snake: say "It draws its head back, refusing to bite. If you seek to poison yourself, you will have to find some more direct way." Instead of taking the indifferent snake: move the snake to the player; say "The snake coils itself about your wrist like an expensive bangle." Instead of taking the hostile snake: say "It is not in the mood." Instead of attacking the snake when the snake is carried by the player: say "That would be a bit awkward while you are still carrying it."

Instead of asking the snake about something, say "It keeps its mysterious counsel." Instead of telling the snake about something, say "It cocks its head to listen." Instead of answering the snake that something: say "It seems to nod." Instead of asking the snake to try doing something, say "It glares back at you: apparently it does not take orders."

After printing the name of the snake while taking inventory: say " (surprisingly docile)".