The Reliques of Tolti-Aph — 44 of 57

Graham Nelson

Release 1

Section E(o) - The solitaire game variant

[The Solitaire game was invented as a testing convenience: if, on the first turn, one types "solitaire", then the rest of ROTA does not exist and one plays the Maze as a self-contained game. I've left this in the final game as an "easter egg".]

The solitaire game count is a number that varies.

Preparing to maze is an action out of world applying to nothing. Understand "solitaire" as preparing to maze. Check preparing to maze: unless the turn count is 1, say "Solitaire maze play is only allowed if chosen on the opening round." instead. Carry out preparing to maze: change the solitaire game count to 1; change the level of the player to 3; change the permanent strength of the player to 16; restore the health of the player; now the player knows magic missile; now the player knows make sanctuary; now the player knows mend; move the old pipe to the player; now the player carries the arrow; now the player knows web; now the player knows aerial shield; move player to the Hedge Archway.

Before going west from the Hedge Archway when the solitaire game count is not 0:

end the game saying "You have left the Maze of Royal Beasts" instead.