The Reliques of Tolti-Aph — 41 of 57

Graham Nelson

Release 1

Section E(l) - The four tasks

Table of Task Leaves

nameclue wordtask briefing
a mauve leaf"awaken""awaken Eurydice from her enchanted sleep on the Island in the Deep Pool"
a russet leaf"visit""visit all [number of grovelike unvisited labyrinth rooms in words] remaining chambers and grove[s], and return"
a piebald leaf"slay""slay a monster on level 4 or below, and return"
a pea-green leaf"eye""find and bring back the Eye of God"

To win the maze task:

if the player carries the current maze task, say "The leaf pulses with life in your hand. ";

say "You have fulfilled your task ([task briefing of the current maze task]) in the Maze of Royal Beasts! You sense that, now, the never-children will not dare stand in your way.";

award 100 points;

increase the maze victory count by 1;

remove the current maze task from play;

if a leaf is part of the branch, tidy the labyrinth for a fresh quest;

otherwise remove the branch from play;

change the current maze task to the branch; [i.e., no task at all]

unless the location is the Hedge Archway, move the player to the Hedge Archway.

The deepest slaying level is a number that varies. Rule for dead body disposal of a monster (called the victim) when the location is a labyrinth room: restore the health of the victim; return the victim to the pack; if the current maze level is greater than the deepest slaying level, change the deepest slaying level to the current maze level; continue the activity.

Every turn when the location is the Hedge Archway:

if the current maze task is the piebald leaf and the deepest slaying level is greater than 3, win the maze task;

if the current maze task is the pea-green leaf and the player carries the Eye of God, win the maze task;

if the current maze task is the russet leaf and all grovelike labyrinth rooms are visited, win the maze task.

Eurydice is a woman. "Eurydice, the beautiful maiden you are bidden to rescue, turns out to be just eight inches tall. Or rather longways, since she is lying down asleep." Instead of kissing Eurydice, say "Mmm. I'm just going to pause for a moment to let the grotesqueness of that image sink in." Instead of attacking Eurydice, say "But she's so delicate." Instead of taking Eurydice, say "That would be... well. The taboos in your culture protect the faerie-folk from such abuse." Instead of doing something to Eurydice in the presence of a hostile monster, say "Eurydice is too well guarded to approach." Instead of turning Eurydice: say "As you turn Eurydice delicately around, and she comes to face north, she awakens with a start. 'Free! I am free!' And she flies away into the cavern, apparently never even having noticed you, much less offered any thanks."; win the maze task. Instead of pushing or pulling Eurydice, say "There is too little room on the Island to do much more than turn on the spot."

Effect of casting mindsift at Eurydice:

record outcome "and you 'remember' lying down on this desolate rock, all hope gone with your strength, and resting: your last act to arrange yourself east-west, as no faerie can rest when turned north-south";

rule succeeds.