The Reliques of Tolti-Aph — 15 of 57

Graham Nelson

Release 1

Section 3(b) - Weaponry

A weapon is a kind of thing. A weapon has a die roll called hit dice. Definition: A weapon is savage if its hit dice are 3d6 or more. A weapon has a text called technique. The technique of a weapon is usually "swinging". Some kinds of weapon are defined by the Table of Weaponry.[1] Weapons are usually metal. A spear is wood. A quarterstaff is wood. A lance is wood.

After printing the name of a weapon while taking inventory: say " ([hit dice] attack)". Instead of examining a weapon, say "[The noun] is a weapon with a [hit dice of the noun] attack."

A weapon has a number called the to-hit bonus.

Table of Weaponry

namehit dicetechnique
battle axe1d8"hewing"
short sword1d6"swinging"
broad sword2d4"swinging"
spear1d6"lunging with"
lance1d8+1"lunging with"


[1]. This innocent-looking sentence is doing something rather sophisticated: it makes a new kind for every row of the table.