The Reliques of Tolti-Aph — 14 of 57

Graham Nelson

Release 1

Chapter 3 - Combat

Section 3(a) - Monsters are People Too

A person has a spell called defensive charm.

A person has a text called hand-to-hand combat method. The hand-to-hand combat method of a person is usually "with bare hands". A person has a die roll called unarmed combat hit dice. The unarmed combat hit dice of a person is usually 1d2.

A monster is a kind of person. A monster can be hostile or indifferent. A monster is usually hostile. Definition: A monster is scary if its strength is 50 or more. Definition: A monster is feeble if its strength is 10 or less. Some kinds of monster are defined by the Table of Monstrous Beasts.

Instead of asking a monster about something: say "[The noun] is unreachable on most levels."

After printing the name of a monster while looking: say " (STR [strength])".

Table of Monstrous Beasts

namestrengthhand-to-hand combat methodunarmed combat hit dicedefensive charm
goblin5"pummeling its green fists"1d4--
gnome2"slapping its feeble arms"1d2--
centaur9"kicking its hooves"1d6--
werespider7"clicking its mandibles"1d8+1--
wyvern75"beating its clawed wings"2d8+5--
half-orc9"burrowing with its claws"1d6--
harpy15"swooping with its talons"2d6aerial shield
giant bat8"diving to bite"2d4aerial shield
basilisk4"staring with cursed eyes"4d6--
purple worm7"biting with acidic teeth"2d6+1--
gargoyle10"punching stone fists"1d8+1--
cave troll14"swinging enormous fists"3d4--
cave spectre12"throwing curses"2d4+3exorcise undead
marsh spectre18"throwing curses"4d4+3exorcise undead
skeletal warrior25"slicing with ghostly blades"2d6+3exorcise undead
green hydra32"ducking its heads in turn"3d8+3aerial shield
frost giant28"throwing deadly icicles"2d8+4inner warmth
elemental demon35"whirling with venom"4d4+2--

An elemental demon called Zoorl the Elemental Demon is indifferent.[1]

Every turn:

if Zoorl is in a room (called the haunt):

unless the haunt is the location:

remove Zoorl from play;


if Zoorl is indifferent and a hostile monster (called the victim) is in the location,

make Zoorl strike a blow against the victim.

Effect of casting web at a wyvern:[2]

record outcome "but the web is pathetically small compared to the great scale of the wyvern, and your efforts seem laughable";

rule succeeds.


[1]. Oh, the ennui of the underworld. The practical effect of this line is to create Zoorl and leave him out of play at the start of the game: he is the demon brought into being by the "summon elemental" spell.

[2]. It turns out to be convenient to have at least one monster which is basically proof against anything the player can throw at it, and that's the wyvern. In testing, it turned out that "web" gave a lucky player a chance to defeat a wyvern, which was inconvenient for the plot. So...