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Emily Short

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Section 4 - Conversation Not Deserving Its Own Subject

[Here we provide a small range of responses to things the player might say that do not deserve subjects of their own (they're not part of the conversation of the non-player characters and will not contribute to conversational flow) but which are still notable enough that the characters ought to have some reaction. These include outbursts of obscenity or other parrot catch-phrases that the player might try.]

Table of Reactions

topicresponsereaction rule
"[obscenity]"""obscenity reaction rule
"[mild obscenity]"""mild reaction rule
"cracker/polly" or "polly wanna cracker""'Polly wanna cracker!' you announce. But they've grown tired of that one."
"um seven" or "seven""'Um, seven?' you inquire brightly. Everyone pretends you didn't speak."
"silence""'Silence!' you squawk.

'Not with you around,' snaps Lucinda."
"wisdom/thought/thinking""'Wisdom,' you intone.

No one seems to think you know much about that."
"kindness""'[awwk]! Kindness!'

Sadly this produces no almonds for you. "
"corknut/corknuts/almond/almonds/cork nut" or "candied almond""'Almond!' you hint. No one takes you up on it."
"pirate/pirates/piracy" or "pieces of eight""You squawk a short piratical ditty, not quite fit for polite company...

'Cut that out,' says Lucinda."
obscenity reaction rule
"cheese""Everyone turns to look at you.

'I didn't know birds ate dairy products,' says the Prince.

The old lady shrugs."
"fire/help/earthquake/flood/famine" or "stock market crash""The prince looks puzzled.

'It likes to make itself seem important by pretending there's a disaster,' Lucinda explains.

'Stock market crash?' you squawk.

Theo giggles."
"cleavage""'[Nice word] cleavage!' you squawk. '[Nice word]!'

Both Lucinda and Theodora snap upright as though someone had poked a ruler into their lower backs. "
"prying/pry""'Prying!' you awwk. 'Inquire impertinently, be curious, ferret out, nose around!'

The old lady's mouth quirks at the corner, but she represses it.

'Snoop! Listen in!' you add. But the Prince looks too daft to pick up your hint."

This is the obscenity reaction rule: try swearing obscenely instead. This is the mild reaction rule: try swearing mildly instead.