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Emily Short

Release 1

Section 2 - Correcting Less-useful Input

Directed speech is an action applying to one topic and one thing.

Carry out directed speech: say "You can only squawk things for everyone to hear."

Understand "squawk" as squawking. Squawking is an action applying to nothing. Carry out squawking: do nothing. Report squawking: say "'[awwk]!' you squawk."

[And now a refinement. Suppose the player tries to mention something that isn't on our short list of topics? We don't want "you can't see any such thing" or even "that noun makes no sense..." as a result. So we make a catch-all response for this situation:]

Understand "mention [text]" or "ask about [text]" or "tell about [text]" or "a [text]" or "t [text]" as jungle crying.

Jungle crying is an action applying to one topic.

Instead of jungle crying a topic listed in the Table of Reactions:

if there is a reaction rule entry


say "[response entry]";

abide by reaction rule entry;


say "[response entry][paragraph break]";

end if.

Carry out jungle crying:

do nothing.

Report jungle crying:

say "You stumble over that unfamiliar term and it just comes out a birdlike cry."

Table of Awwkwardness


To say awwk:

choose a random row in the table of Awwkwardness;

say "[response entry]".

Asking it about the subject is an action applying to one thing and one visible thing.

Carry out asking it about the subject:

try mentioning the second noun.