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Emily Short

Release 1

Section 7 - Cinderella Being Tried

Checking Cinderella is a scene. Cindy is a woman. The description of Cindy is "She has a curious pointed chin, and a mouth that is too narrow, but there is a captivating quality about her as well.". Understand "Cinderella" or "cinders" as Cindy. Fitting ends when Checking Cinderella begins.

Checking Cinderella begins when Cinderella gets mentioned. When Checking Cinderella begins:

change last subject to current subject; change the current subject to Cinderella; change the target subject to magic; change the conversation set to Table of Cinderella Checking Remarks;

move Cindy to location;

say "There is the crack of a summoning: and there she stands, in the doorway, the secret daughter, the enchantress.

'May I present my third daughter,' says the old lady, very dryly.

The Prince fumbles to his feet.

'Do you recognize her?' the old lady asks.

'I-- we've never met,' says the Prince, looking puzzled. 'I would have thought, as long as I have known your family, I would have--'

'She likes to keep to herself. Except, of course, when she surprises us all, and goes out. Come in, Cinderella,' says the lady. Lucinda squirms on the sofa.

And in she walks, looking a little as though she has just been woken. The color rises in her cheeks when she looks at the Prince.".

Checking Cinderella ends in disaster when the current subject is magic.

Checking Cinderella ends in peace when the time since Checking Cinderella began is 4 minutes and the current subject is not magic.

When Checking Cinderella ends in peace:

say "The Prince frowns at Cinderella a little longer, then seems to reach some decision.

'This business of the shoe is nonsense,' he remarks. 'I've no business to be choosing a wife so arbitrarily.'

'And all your heirs would have such small feet,' Theodora contributes.

'Yes, that would be-- terrible,' the Prince says. 'In fact, I think--' He turns and hurls the slipper against the wall, where it splinters into dozens of sparkling pieces. There is a great sigh in the room, and the old lady actually laughs.

The Prince's gaze lingers on Cinderella. She looks back at him, her chin tilted up. 'There are things my father need not know. Though I also would not lie to him about anything that I knew for certain.'

'A commendable attitude,' says the old lady briskly. 'And now I am having a brandy. Would anyone else care for a nip?'";

end the game saying "Cinderella and the Prince are (eventually) wed".

When Checking Cinderella ends in disaster:

say "Cinderella puts it on, turning her ankle to watch the effect. The change sweeps up through her, making her taller, more perfect, almost inhumanly beautiful.

The Prince drops his hand.

'You need not have done that,' he says. 'You could have broken it. Lied to me. Remained hidden.' His jaw works. 'Didn't you understand that--'

'She understands,' says the old lady, rising from her chair. 'I told her. We all told her. She hoped that you would understand her secret but have the wit not to put her to the test.' Her fingers dig into the chairback. 'I'm afraid the rest of us -- not being in love with you, you see -- we had less faith in your intuition. We thought perhaps we might distract you with one of the other two. One of the plainly... non-magical ones.'

The Prince swallows. He is crying: not very man-like. 'You see I cannot conceal this; it would be treason, now I have seen this witchcraft with my own eyes...'

Cinderella backs away. 'I have no truck with devils,' she says. 'I was gifted or cursed in my nature, that is all. I cannot make it go away -- the power remains with me.'

'It's true,' says Lucinda. 'We poured holy water on her every day for a year.'

'But the law,' says the Prince.

'You're an idiot,' says the old lady. 'You knew what you might find. If you loved her at all, you would not have come looking.'";

end the game saying "Cinderella is executed"

Table of Cinderella Checking Remarks

blankTheodora"'No time for that now,' says the Prince."
blankLucinda"The Prince shakes his head, ignoring you."
blankball"The Prince frowns at Cinderella. 'I don't recall seeing you at the ball.'

'No?' she asks, with that funny triangular smile of hers. 'We were introduced. Perhaps I did not make an impression.'

He frowns, and you can see that he is considering asking her to try the shoe. The silence is sharp. But he realizes -- or does he? -- that her face is wrong.

She waits."
blankball"'In any case,' says the Prince. 'This ball -- I should check, you see, I'm having everyone try on a shoe...'

'In theory, he is,' says Lucinda.

'Yes, he hasn't tried us yet,' says Theodora.

'And we were here first,' Lucinda adds, her voice full of meaning."
blankmarriage"'I held the ball to look for someone to-- someone that I might marry,' the Prince explains to Cinderella.

'I went looking for the same thing,' she says, tilting her head, the way you would. 'And did you find what you were looking for?'

'I am not sure,' he says. 'Did you?'

'He has not told me yet,' Cinderella answers."
blanklove"The Prince and Cinderella both look up at you. Cinderella puts one little finger to her lips, and winks, but you are afraid.

'I met someone at the ball,' he says, after a minute. 'I felt for her. I thought to recognize her again by her shoe.'

Cinderella tilts her head and looks at the shoe. 'If that is the only way you can identify her, I think you are better off avoiding such a wife, hm?'"
blankbirds"Cinderella smiles, and comes over to where you are, and pets the top of your head and whispers cossetting things in a language only you understand. Your heart is filled with sweetness."
blankmagic"[if mentioning magic]'Magic magic magic,' you sing. 'Witch, enchantress...'

Cinderella swallows, but the Prince shrugs impatiently. 'I had guessed as much,' he says to you. And to her: 'I suppose you have looked-- another way than this?'[otherwise]'Would you mind trying this shoe?' the Prince asks, quite politely. [end if]

She nods, and takes the glass slipper from his hand.

'Don't,' says the old lady, reaching for her wrist; missing. 'They can't-- without proof they won't...'"

To decide whether Cinderella gets mentioned:

if Fitting is happening and Cinderella is the current subject, yes;

otherwise no.

Instead of mentioning Cinderella when Fitting is not happening:

say "'Cinde--'

'Ssh,' says Lucinda, glaring at you."