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Emily Short

Release 1

Section 4 - New Actions for Parrots

[...and, of course, a parrot might try some other actions than those standard for adventurers. Some of these ideas arose from beta-testing: unless it demands a lot of work, providing answers to whimsical beta-tester commands is usually a good idea, making the game feel richer and more fully fleshed-out.]

Understand "fly" as a mistake ("But the old lady has clipped your wings.").

Understand "peck [text]" or "bite [text]" as a mistake ("Your known propensity for pecking people is probably the reason your perch is on the far side of the room, out of reach of everything.").

Understand "lay egg" or "lay eggs" or "lay an egg" as a mistake ("You're not in the family way.").

Understand "poop" as pooping. Pooping is an action applying to nothing. Carry out pooping: do nothing. Report pooping: say "You lift your tail and do your birdlike functions. Everyone pretends not to see." Understand the commands "crap" or "defecate" as "poop". Understand "poop on [text]" as aimed pooping. Aimed pooping is an action applying to one topic. Carry out aimed pooping: do nothing. Report aimed pooping: say "You can't aim horizontally." [1]

Understand "preen" as preening. Preening is an action applying to nothing. Carry out preening: do nothing. Report preening: say "You attend to your wing-feathers."

Instead of preening when the current subject is birds:

say "'It just likes attention,' remarks Lucinda, watching you fluff yourself. 'Don't mind it.'"

Understand "parrot [someone]" or "imitate [someone]" as imitating. Imitating is an action applying to one visible thing. Instead of imitating someone: say "You give a scarily convincing rendition of [the noun]'s voice. Everyone stares at you uncomfortably."


[1]. It is important to humor one's testers.