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Emily Short

Release 1

"Glass" by Emily Short.

The story genre is "Fairy Tale". The story headline is "A fractured fairy tale". The story description is "The Prince sits awkwardly on the couch, holding his glass slipper and trying to keep it from crushing. Lucinda and Theodora have the ends of the same couch, and they are taking turns seeing who can bend lowest and show off the most cleavage; while the old lady, in her wing chair, carries on about nonsense...

Glass is a conversation-oriented fairy tale, taking place in one room. It was written to demonstrate one approach to handling conversation in Inform 7.

Features a variety of additional verbs, non-player characters with an agenda, and narrative with multiple endings." The story creation year is 2006.

Release along with a solution, source text, a website, an interpreter, cover art, a file of "Walkthrough" called "solution.txt", a file of "Making of..." called "Overview.html".

Use no scoring, the serial comma, and American dialect.