Damnatio Memoriae — 29 of 34

Emily Short

Release 6

Volume 5 - Plot and Time

Book 1 - Beginnings

When play begins:

change the right hand status line to "[time of day]";

say "[bold type]Planasia, in the Tyrrhenian Sea[roman type]

Augustus is dead.

He saw this coming; in that last, secret visit he gave you certain warnings about using the powers of your House, and the jealousy of Tiberius.

'For I assume,' Augustus said, looking like a hollower version of his own statue, 'that Julia's son does practice the Art?'

You looked back blandly, as your mother taught you. But he was not fooled.

'I will not live much longer,' he said. 'When the day comes, you must hide your strength from Tiberius, or show it overwhelmingly.' He began to walk away along the shore.

'Perhaps I have none,' you suggested.

He turned back. 'I have read a few of the books in your study, Agrippa,' he said, his eyes amused. 'The Latin Cypria is very fine; I wish I knew what reverse links you made to produce it.'

That was the last you spoke with him.[paragraph break]";