Damnatio Memoriae — 20 of 34

Emily Short

Release 6

Chapter 2 - Window and Escape

The window is outside from the Water Study and inside from the Outdoors. It is a door. It is open and scenery. The description of the window is "A square window giving onto flat ground." It is not openable.

Understand "climb through/out/in/into [window]" as entering.

After going to the Outdoors from the Water Study:

say "Any other direction would be unsafe at the moment, so you climb gingerly out the window...";

continue the action.

After going to the Water Study from the Outdoors:

say "You clamber back over the windowsill.";

continue the action.

Before inserting something into the window: try throwing the noun out the window instead.

Before going outside with something (called the burden): try throwing the burden out the window instead.

Understand "throw [something] out/through [window]" as throwing it out. Understand "push [something] out/through [window]" as throwing it out.

Throwing it out is an action applying to two things.

Check throwing it out:

if the noun is not pushable between rooms and the noun is not carried by the player:

say "(first taking [the noun])[line break]";

silently try taking the noun;

if the noun is not carried by the player:

stop the action;

if the noun is fragile and the noun is not protected by something sturdy:

say "[The noun] won't survive the trip." instead.

Carry out throwing it out:

move the noun to the Outdoors.

Report throwing it out:

say "You casually toss [the noun] out of the window; perhaps you'll be able to collect it later."

Instead of searching the window:

say "There's little to see: the island is extremely flat and offers little other civilization, and no escape besides the ships that carry your enemies. Running away will do no good."