Damnatio Memoriae — 19 of 34

Emily Short

Release 6

Volume 4 - Physical Environment

Book 1 - The Study

Chapter 1 - Basic Room

The Water Study is a room. "The walls are painted black with simple architectural motifs, except for the cunning panel of three green pears[if the pitcher is whole] and a pitcher of water. The glass is painted so that light seems to fall through it from [the window], and the pears are[end if] luscious enough to eat[if the pitcher is ruined]. The shards of glass and the pool of water are a little hard to explain, but might be written off as the artist's odd fancy[end if]." The printed name of the Water Study is "Study with Pears and [if the pitcher is whole]Pitcher[otherwise]Spilled Water[end if]".

Instead of going nowhere: say "You can go in and out the window, but otherwise gallivanting around the villa is a bad idea. The other rooms are full of soldiers."