Damnatio Memoriae — 17 of 34

Emily Short

Release 6

Book 3 - Identification Issues

A person can be introduced or strange. A person has some text called a tag. The tag of a person is usually "no one of note".

After printing the name of a strange person (called the victim):

now the victim is introduced;

say " ([the tag of the victim])".

After printing the name of a person (called the victim) while listing persons:

say " ([the tag of the victim])".

Definition: a person is other if it is not the player.

Understand "personae" as listing persons. Understand "who" as listing persons.

Listing persons is an action applying to nothing.

Carry out listing persons:

say "You've recently had cause to recollect [the list of introduced people]."

Instead of examining the player:

say "You're Agrippa Postumus, son of Julia and Agrippa, grandson of Caesar Augustus; and if his scheming wife Livia hadn't put forth her son Tiberius Nero, you would also be the likeliest heir to your grandfather's place.

Instead you're exiled on a bare island not far off Elba, scorned by the Senate and hated by half your relations, with only the consolation of literature."

The tag of the player is "son of Julia and Agrippa, who died before you were born".

Rule for printing the name of the player while examining:

if the noun is the vase, say "Agrippa Postumus";

otherwise say "you".