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Emily Short

Release 12

Chapter 3 - Center

The Central Courtyard is north of the Entrance Hall. "Open to a grey sky, from which a light [rain] falls. You have never seen the courtyard otherwise: it rains in every season, winter or summer, no matter what lies beyond the moat.

[if the Courtyard is unvisited]It was here that you first laid eyes on the Beast: emerging from the State Rooms, snarling. He seemed angry at you for coming, even though you had had no choice. Or perhaps (you thought) he was simply violent. You did not run.

[end if]The castle proper opens both north and south, and to the east a helical [staircase view] ascends to the roof."

The staircase view is a view in the Courtyard. The description is "A handsome staircase designed by an Italian engineer in the 16th century." The printed name of staircase view is "staircase".

Instead of facing east in the Courtyard, try examining the staircase view.

The Ground Floor Helical Staircase is east of the Courtyard. "The [steps] rise from here towards the upper rooms, and open out onto the bare courtyard." [The courtyard view is a view in the Ground Floor. Understand "bare" as the courtyard view. The description is "[if something is in the courtyard]You can see that some things have been left there, but would have to go closer to look at them[otherwise]It's pretty empty, all right[end if]." The printed name of the courtyard view is "courtyard".]

The obscene gargoyle is a reminder in the Ground Floor Helical Staircase. It is fixed in place. "An [obscene gargoyle] sits where the finial of the banister should be." The description is "Not too large, but stunningly ugly: a stone about the size of an apple, carved into a monster with outsized ears and eyes -- not to mention outsized attributes elsewhere." The memory of the obscene gargoyle is "He came up while you were bent over the gargoyle, trying to lift it. 'Taking that back to your room?' he asked slyly. 'It won't work, but if you're lacking companionship I could find an appropriate servant to see to your needs.'

You felt yourself blush. 'It's ugly,' you said. 'I wanted to move it.'

'Oh. You can't.' He frowned at it. 'It is a remnant, left here by an angry soul who managed to take some revenge despite his enslavement. There are a few others around, mostly in the crypt. They're immovable, but harmless.'" Instead of taking or pushing or pulling or turning the gargoyle: say "It still doesn't budge, and -- you rather think -- it never will."

The Upstairs Helical Staircase is above the steps. "[if the location is unvisited]In this spot, you fell and almost broke your leg -- or some other more valuable part of you -- except that He caught you.

But you are alone now, and therefore cautious[otherwise]A dizzying prospect, the spiral of [steps] down to the ground[end if]."

Some steps are above Ground Floor Helical Staircase. The steps are scenery. Understand "banister" as the steps. The steps are a staircase. The description of the steps is "Too narrow for comfort near the axis; too broad for speed, along the outer edge; and at the center, where they have just the right breadth, they have been worn down by the passage of hundreds of feet, and made almost into a ramp."