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Emily Short

Release 12

Section 3 - Sounds

A thing has some text called sound. The sound of a thing is usually "silence".

The block listening rule is not listed in any rulebook.

Carry out listening to something:

if in darkness, say "The [sound of the noun] sounds like [a noun].";

otherwise say "From [the noun] you hear [the sound of the noun]."

Definition: a thing is audible if the sound of it is not "silence".

Echolocating is an activity.

Before printing the name of something audible (called target) while echolocating:

if the target is not the player, say "[sound] from [if the target is not the player]the [end if]"

Rule for printing the name of the player while echolocating:

if the player is not audible, say "yourself";

otherwise say "your own [sound of the player]"

Rule for printing the name of something (called target) which is not visible while echolocating:

say "[roman type]";

if the target is the player


say "yourself";

rule succeeds;

end if;

let place be the holder of the target;

let way be the best route from the location to the place;

if way is a direction, say "[way]";

otherwise say "[if the target is in location]immediate vicinity[otherwise]middle distance[end if]".