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Emily Short

Release 12

Chapter 7 - West Wing

The Great Dining Hall is west of the Entrance Hall. "[if the location is unvisited or the number of filled rows in the Table of memories is 0]Such a long hall that the soup might get cold between one end and the other. You and he used only the far west end, nearest the kitchen. Once you took to dining together at all, that is; the first few months he brought trays to your room, while you hid.

But then you took to eating here; and at the end of every meal he would stand up formally and ask his question[otherwise]You allow yourself to remember another night, another request[end if].[if the number of filled rows in the Table of Memories is greater than 0][paragraph break][memory][end if]".

The long table is scenery in the Great Dining Hall. It is a supporter. Instead of looking under the long table, say "There are no gnawed bones or anything of that nature."

The Enormous Kitchen is west of the Great Dining Hall. "Haunted with the spirits of chefs past, generations and generations of culinary geniuses; one can never predict its whimsies[if the Bellroom is unvisited]. Unless he has moved everything, the bell to summon them into action should be in one of the rooms upstairs[end if]."

The Servant Quarters are north of the Enormous Kitchen. "[if location is unvisited]You've never come here before, and now you see why. [end if]Not a room friendly to visitors, it has the air of resentful, martyred suffering. Even His most unpleasant ancestors would not have grudged this place more paint, surely, and more straw for the beds." The straw is scenery in the Quarters. "Well. There really isn't any." Instead of doing something other than examining with the straw: say "There's hardly enough straw to do anything with."

The decaying ladder is a staircase. "A decaying ladder leads [if in the Quarters]down[otherwise]up[end if]." It is above the Apprentice's and below the Quarters.

The Guard Tower is southwest of the Entrance Hall. "A round tower offering protection to the drawbridge[if the scarlet tower is visited]. It is less cheery and more strongly fortified than the Scarlet Tower, and offers little by way of a view[end if]."