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Emily Short

Release 12

Section 7 - Bell Castings

[This area was added late, and is included for two reasons. One is to be sure that someone who enters the basement with a candle does see everything available -- some testers were going down through the Bear Corridor, getting stuck entering the crypt, and not coming around to explore from the Rose Garden side, which meant they got stuck. While it might arguably be fair to make them think of that in a more difficult game, *this* one is pitched to be less challenging. So we connect up the subterranean space this way. The other reason is that I just thought the idea of the bell-making equipment evocative, and wanted to plant this idea in the player's head that this industry has been going on for a very very long time.]

Bell Castings is south of the Rooted Room. "A room of [scrap] and refuse: wooden structures and clay molds from which bells might be made, scrap metal, pieces of bells now broken." The scrap is scenery in castings. Understand "refuse" or "structures" or "wooden" or "molds" or "clay" or "metal" or "pieces" or "bells" as the scrap. The description of the scrap is "By the look of it, there's not a useful, sounding instrument in the lot." Bell Castings is dark.

Wax Supply is east of Bell Castings and northeast of Zoo. "A dank storage area, stacked with [bars of wax][if Bell Castings is visited] -- perhaps for some casting process? You couldn't say[end if]." Some bars of wax are scenery in Wax Supply. Understand "bar" as the bars. The scent of the bars of wax is "good beeswax-scent". The description of the bars of wax is "Far too large a supply for you to move around." Wax Supply is dark.