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Emily Short

Release 12

Section 4 - Dank Room and Fountain

The Dank Room is dark. The description of the Dank Room is "The air is clammy and unpleasant, and clogs in your lungs." Instead of smelling the Dank Room: say "It is even less pleasant than Lucrezia's rose garden, and that is saying something."

The Press Room is north of the Dank Room. The Press Room is dark. "Liquid squeezed from the surrounding earth here flows out through [a fountain], then soaks back into the ground below." The fountain is scenery in press room. The description of the fountain is "The liquid is sludge-black where it pours in quantity, but where it runs thin, it appears red." Understand "liquid" or "trickling" or "dull" or "ink" as the fountain. The sound of the fountain is "dull trickling". Instead of touching the fountain: say "It feels a little warmer and a little stickier than it ought."

Instead of filling the vial in the presence of the fountain: say "The vial is stoppered and full of the old poison; and in any case who knows how the liquid here would interact with the apothecary's brew? Better to find some other container."

Instead of filling an empty fluid container in the presence of fountain: now the noun is full; say "You fill [the noun] from [the fountain], trying to get as little as possible on yourself." Instead of filling a full fluid container: say "[The noun] is already full." Instead of smelling the fountain: say "Despite its unappealing appearance and the rankness of the air, it does not smell as vile as you expect: more bitter." The scent of the fountain is "bitterness".

Instead of drinking or tasting the fountain: say "Overcoming dislike, you taste a bit of the liquid, and find it more bitter than wormwood. All anguish and regret and the knowledge that it was once in your own power to make things come out better. But perhaps it is not too late after all."