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Emily Short

Release 12

Section 2 - Crypt

Below the Law Library is the hole. Below the hole is the Central Crypt. The hole is an open door. The hole is not openable. The description of the hole is "Pentagonal and lined with stones." The hole is scenery.

The description of the Central Crypt is "A relic-storage place for all the bits of men and women -- and creatures -- bound to the Kings over many centuries. Only brute animals are free of binding, since they have no souls; which is why there are no dogs in the castle, no horses, no songbirds." Crypt is dark. The relics are scenery in the Central Crypt. Understand "bones" as the relics. The description is "Bones are built into the walls, often no more than fragments."

The Virgin's End is north of the Central Crypt. "The resting place of maidens who died before marrying those to whom they were engaged." Virgin's End is dark. Some dust is a floor in Virgin's End. The sound of the dust is "dry sifting". Understand "sandy" or "sifting" or "dry" as the dust. Understand "floor" or "sand" as the dust when the player is in Virgin's End.

The Father's Regret is east of the Central Crypt and northeast of the Debtor's Paradise and southeast of Virgin's End. "The home of fathers who died before their children were born." Father's Regret is dark. Some drawers are a fixed in place container in Father's Regret. "Tokens of binding are stored here: bones and bits of hair, relics, hearts scientifically dried, and many other things, culled through the centuries by the masters of this place, in [drawers]." The description of the drawers is "The drawers are numerous, but there is only one that opens without sticking." Understand "drawer" or "tokens" or "bones" or "token" or "bit" or "bits" or "relic" or "relics" or "hearts" or "thing" as drawers. In the drawers are an ivory key and an elephant harness. The harness is fixed in place. Instead of removing the harness from something, say "The harness refuses to budge, in a way you associate with the stone gargoyle." Instead of taking or pushing or pulling or turning the harness, say "The harness refuses to budge, in a way you associate with the stone gargoyle."

The ivory key is a passkey. [1] The drawers are closed and openable. The description of the elephant harness is "Torn in several places, but it was once quite a showy piece, with gems, tassels, buttons. Must be associated with quite an interesting contract, this piece." Understand "gems" and "tassels" and "buttons" as the harness. Instead of wearing the harness, say "However you may sometimes doubt this, you are human yet."

The Apprentice's Workshop is west of the Central Crypt and northwest of the Debtor's Paradise and southwest of the Virgin's End. "A mausoleum for apprentices who perished before their terms of indenture were complete." Apprentice's Workshop is dark.

Rocky Chamber is southeast of Father's Regret. Rocky Chamber is dark. "A tight, rocky corner among foundations of the oldest part of the castle. A slow leak in the south wall admits a little water, but not enough to be very destructive." Rocky Chamber is southwest of Zoo. The leak is a floor in the Rocky Chamber. The sound of the leak is "irregular dripping". Understand "drip" or "dripping" or "oily" or "water" as the leak.

Understand "fill [something]" as filling. Filling is an action applying to one thing.

Instead of filling something in the presence of the leak, say "The leak is only a drip, not enough to fill anything." The description of the leak is "The dripping moisture has the oily look of moat water." The scent of the leak is "mildewy dampness". Before inserting the leak into something: say "The leak is insufficient to fill much of anything." instead. Before inserting something into the leak: try inserting the leak into the noun instead. [2]


[1]. A kind defined in the locksmith extension, which automatically adjusts its description when in inventory to indicate the item it was last used to unlock.

[2]. To deal with people saying things like PUT INKPOT IN THE LEAK and PUT WATER IN THE INKPOT.