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Emily Short

Release 12

Part 1 - Adjustments to the World Model

Chapter 1 - Modifying Existing Kinds

[Because the style of this game is one of very light implementation with a lot of rooms, there may be some objects we forget to give detailed descriptions. But we'd still rather not see the default Inform message about undescribed objects ("you see nothing special about the {whatever}"). So here we apply a more game-specific version of that answer:]

Include Plurality by Emily Short.

The description of a thing is usually "The appearance of [the noun] has not changed significantly since you left."

The description of a container is usually "[The noun] [if the noun is open]contains [the list of things in the noun][end if][if the noun is closed][is-are] closed[end if][if the noun is locked] and locked[end if][if the noun is closed and the noun is transparent]. Inside [is-are the list of things in the noun][end if]."