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Emily Short

Release 12

"Bronze" by Emily Short.

The story genre is "Fairy Tale". The release number is 12. The story headline is "A fractured fairy tale". The story description is "When the seventh day comes and it is time for you to return to the castle in the forest, your sisters cling to your sleeves.

'Don't go back,' they say, and 'When will we ever see you again?' But you imagine they will find consolation somewhere.

Your father hangs back, silent and moody. He has spent the week as far from you as possible, working until late at night. Now he speaks only to ask whether the Beast treated you 'properly.' Since he obviously has his own ideas about what must have taken place over the past few years, you do not reply beyond a shrug.

You breathe more easily once you're back in the forest, alone.

Bronze is a puzzle-oriented adaptation of Beauty and the Beast with an expansive geography for the inveterate explorer.

Features help for novice players, a detailed adaptive hint system to assist players who get lost, and a number of features to make navigating a large space more pleasant." The story creation year is 2006.

Release along with a solution,

source text,

a website,

cover art,

a file of "Manual" called "Bronze Manual.pdf",

a file of "Complete (Spoilerful) Map" called "map.pdf",

a file of "Walkthrough" called "solution.txt",

a file of "Making of..." called "Overview.html".

Index map with room-shape set to "square" and room-size set to 60 and room-name-size set to 9 and room-name-length set to 13 and route-thickness set to 15 and room-outline set to off and map-outline set to off and route-colour set to "White" and room-colour set to "White" and font set to "Trebuchet-MS-Regular" and EPS file.

Include Locksmith by Emily Short.

Use full-length room descriptions, American dialect, no scoring, and the serial comma. Use memory economy. Use MAX_SYMBOLS of 7000.