Change History

Technical details of what has changed since the first release of Inform 7.

The Changes to Inform as an ebook

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The Changes to Inform as an ebook

The final chapter of "Writing with Inform" used to contain a summary of changes to the language, but in May 2014 this moved to become an ebook in its own right. The content is just what's in the plain text logs below, but it's in EPUB format, which means that an ebook reader like an iPad or Apple's iBooks can read it.

Download Changes to Inform as an EPUB file

About change logs

Versions of Inform 7 are identified by "build number", a combination of digit, letter, and two digits: for instance, 2P75 comes after 2P74 and long after 2G14, but before 2Q02 and long before 3A07. Inform story files normally print some versioning text in the "banner" fairly early on in play, and often immediately. For example:

Release 12 / Serial number 090410 / Inform 7 build 5Z71 (I6/v6.31 lib 6/12N)

Each public build has its own change log, which notes only what has changed since the previous one. Minor changes to documentation are not listed.

Every public build of Inform 7

In reverse chronological order, that is, latest first:

Build 6M62 24 December 2015 Change log for 6M62
Build 6L38 30 August 2014 Change log for 6L38
Build 6L02 4 May 2014 Change log for 6L02
Build 6G60 23 December 2010 Change log for 6G60
Build 6F95 25 October 2010 Change log for 6F95
Build 6E72 1 July 2010 Change log for 6E72
Build 6E59 12 June 2010 Change log for 6E59
Build 5Z71 18 April 2009 Change log for 5Z71
Build 5U92 10 September 2008 Change log for 5U92
Build 5T18 30 April 2008 Change log for 5T18
Build 5J39 1 December 2007 Change log for 5J39
Build 5G67 10 November 2007 Change log for 5G67
Build 4X60 23 August 2007 Change log for 4X60
Build 4W37 27 July 2007 Change log for 4W37
Build 4U65 7 May 2007 Change log for 4U65
Build 4S08 25 March 2007 Change log for 4S08
Build 4K40 23 January 2007 Change log for 4K40
Build 4F59 21 December 2006 Change log for 4F59
Build 4B91 10 November 2006 Change log for 4B91
Build 3Z95 14 September 2006 Change log for 3Z95
Build 3V01 2 August 2006 Change log for 3V01
Build 3T38 10 July 2006 Change log for 3T38
Build 3R85 26 June 2006 Change log for 3R85
Build 3P53 9 June 2006 Change log for 3P53
Build 3M43 21 May 2006 Change log for 3M43
Build 3L95 14 May 2006 Change log for 3L95
Build 3K56 4 May 2006 Change log for 3K56
Build 3K27 30 April 2006 The baseline

Build numbers in between these were private ones, and you'll never see a story file compiled by them (unless it was published by one of our beta-testers), with two exceptions:

Builds 1A01 to 3K26 did exist. Inform 7 was nearly three years in the writing before it was ready to be offered as a public beta. 1A01 was the first even slightly working version. It did not synchronise fully with the OS X Inform application, the first to be written, until 1G22. Private beta-testing did not begin until 1J34. Other milestones include time (1B92), tables (1C86), component parts (1E60), indexing (1F46), systematic memory allocation (1J53), pattern matching (1M11), the map index (1P97), extension documentation support (1S39) and activities (1T89). The first round of testing came informally to an end at around the 1V50 build, after which a general rewriting exercise began. Minor changes needed for David Kinder's Windows interface began to be made with 1W80, but the main aims were to increase speed and to improve clarity of source code. Hashing algorithms adapted to word-based syntax began to be introduced in 1Z50; by 2D52 there was a speed increase of a factor of four. A second stage of rewriting, to generalise binary predicates and improve grammatical accuracy, began with 2D70. There was then an exhaustive round of testing, putting together the first sets of test cases, before 3K27 was published - though, as the rapid succession of updates testifies, it was still fragile enough. The first decently robust build came a year later, with 4S08.